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Lobstering issues
  • Published
    April 9, 2010

    Alternative bait called unsafe for Gulf of Maine

    Lobsterman Gerry Cushman said April 9 that the most important issue lobstermen are facing is the danger presented by the use of alternative bait due to shortages in herring. Recently the New England Fishery Management Council cut allowable herring landings for the fishing years 2010 through 2012 by nearly 40 percent. "We could be putting bait on that could be killing groundfish," Cushman said. He said some ...

  • Published
    April 9, 2010

    Lobstermen’s focus turns to sustainable marketing

    At its April 7 meeting, the Zone D Lobster Council briefly visited an issue that has been a major discussion topic throughout the industry in recent months. "Less than 20 percent of our product is sold live," said lobsterman Gerry Cushman of Port Clyde. "The consumer's not educated about the processed product." Cushman said a large part of the next statewide Lobster Advisory Council meeting will be devoted to ...

  • Published
    March 31, 2010

    Northeast lobstermen told to prepare air shipments for security inspection

    Lobstermen and those affiliated with the industry from Maine, Massachusetts and Eastern Canada took part in a two-day town meeting March 26 and 27, focusing on ways to expand markets and improve pricing equity throughout the supply chain that carries the crustaceans from the bottom of the sea to tables around the world. Before the lobster can meet the plate, however, much of the live product is shipped by air, ...

  • Published
    March 12, 2010

    Lobsters in a sea of bait plumes

    If lobsters amble so many feet in a day and the aroma of bait wafts in a radius of an average given distance, how many traps does each lobster get to choose from for its dining pleasure — and, of course, for the dining pleasure of its human predators? It sounds like a dreaded fifth-grade algebra problem. But the intersection of lobsters as they perambulate the ocean bottom with “bait plumes” that emanate from ...

  • Published
    March 5, 2010

    Lobstermen from around the world offer insights at Maine Fishermen’s Forum

    Seven lobstermen from countries as near as Canada and as far away as New Zealand kicked off a tour of Maine lobstering ports with a presentation at the Samoset Resort March 4. The slide show and discussion marked the start of the 35th annual Maine Fishermen's Forum, and drew dozens of participants. Describing varied fisheries that are both similar to and very different from the lobster industry in Maine, the ...

  • Published
    February 11, 2010

    Longtime lobsterman blames maritime violence on greed, drugs

    While retired lobsterman Victor Ames remembers life on Matinicus Isle Plantation in the middle of the last century with great fondness, changes in the fisheries and culture of island living have driven him from the place where he lived and worked for most of his life. Ames, who started lobstering at age 10 in a double-ended rowboat with a dozen traps, has seen a great many changes in Penobscot Bay over his 77 ...

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