Kit Aroneau

Kit opened her first retail business, The Walrus and The Carpenter at the age of 18 with her brother, Richard Remsen. As the store evolved it became a Camden classic, thriving for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, Kit studied at the New England School of Photography, honing her keen eye and earning an Associates degree. Kit moved to New York City in 1982. She again applied her love of the arts and her entrepreneurial spirit working in historic preservation and real estate investment, where she collaborated with her husband Richard Aroneau. After starting a family in NYC, Kit and Richard felt that raising their family in Maine, in a close-knit community, would be best for all. Kit and the family moved back to mid-coast Maine in 1990, where they resumed their retail innovations, opening four stores in Camden and Rockland known as the” Many worlds of Planet.” Listening closely to community interest and the emerging trends in community housing, Kit, Richard and her brother Richard Remsen spearheaded Maine’s first “Traditional Village” development – Ingraham Corner in West Rockport. Ingraham Corner was designed by the leading architects and planners in the “Traditional Village” movement and is a project that Kit plans to see built in the near future. Kit has recently joined Town and Country, Realtors, thrilled to be serving in a firm that is dedicated to excellent customer service in local communities, commitments that she has embraced throughout her career. Kit’s family has been in the Midcoast since the late 1800’s. She is deeply invested in the community, its history, its land, its architecture, businesses and cultural institutions, which makes the real estate community a natural fit for her. Call Kit to list your property for sale - or to find you a commercial property - or a great house that you can call home. She is dedicated to understanding your needs and representing your interests.

Phone: 207-236-4777