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By Plants Unlimited | Jan 03, 2013

Landscaping Tip of the Week from Buck

Plan for Snow Plowing when you Design Your Landscape

With all the recent snow, it's a good time to look at your home or business landscape and see exactly where the snow gets pushed.

A common landscape design flaw I notice is that many people plant too close to their driveway without planning for the "crush" of snow on plants. Lining your driveway with plants is probably not the best space to garden. If you read our recent Garden Journal, you know that snow is a great insulator and protector of plants, but NOT when it's physically dumped on them!  Too much of folks landscaping money is wasted every year by not allowing room for the snow to be plowed.

Also...The arborvitae shown in this picture are 'Emerald Green', a common "Box Store" variety grown by the thousands on the West Coast. Although they are narrow and fast growing, they ofter have "multiple tops"or several vertical branches at the top of each plant. These are extremely susceptible to splitting when a lot of heavy, wet snow collects on the top branches Choosing the right plants for the job is also an integral component of a successful landscape!

Let us help you plan your landscape this winter.

About Hammon Buck:

"Buck" was born into a nursery and florist family and was brought up in the business. His "roots'" are in the North Fork of Eastern Long Island, New York and Searsport, Maine.

He graduated from Cornell University in 1977 with a BS in Landscape Architecture, He started Plants Unlimited in 1978 and, after 34 years, continues to enjoy retail and helping folks with their plant or product needs.

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