Your Home Deserves a New Look, 2013 is the Time for Change!

By Catherine Cooper | Jan 07, 2013

You want to change the look and feel of your home but it's not in your budget to remodel? A more economical and affordable option is to change your window treatments. Those old blinds or curtains aren’t ‘you’ anymore. Midcoast Blinds and Shades will share what we are seeing as trends for 2013.

Curtains done in jewel tones such as turquoise or amethyst add glamor and sophistication to your home. We have seen an increased interest in jewel tones as well as metallic colors.

Eco-friendly shades and blinds done with nature inspired materials such as bamboo is another option. Something we are seeing is for one room such as the living room to be done in one way such as in jewel or metallic curtains and the bedroom, as an example, to have bamboo shades. Mixing and matching design options is a nice way to change the ambiance from room to room.

No matter what your budget dictates or what your personal preferences are, Midcoast Shades and Blinds has many options to choose from that will meet your needs and make the New Year your homes best year!

Happy New Year to our loyal customers and if you aren’t a customer yet, we look forward to you becoming one!

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