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By Jim Gamage
1 of 4 super stretch limousines we will be talking about on the show.93.3 fm or 99.3 fm    8a.m. - 9a.m. 3/22/10

All Aboard Trolley & Limousine Co. is Sponsoring the “Hottest” radio show in town. 


WRFR 93.3 fm Rockland, and 99.3 fm Camden.  “This week on Main Street in Rockland” hosted by Lorain Francis, Executive Director of Rockland Main Street Inc. has agreed to have me on as a guest.  I know, brave lady huh?


We had to go through some extreme hoops for this one.  Federal, State, & Local dignitaries had to get involved.  This one had to talk with that one.  Pull some strings here, make a call there.  FCC gets involved and reads me the riot act, “you can say this, but cannot say that”.  Ah, I’m telling ya.  No Louisiana purchase or Cornhusker kickback, but some moving and shaking.  Some insisted I “earmark” a 10 sec. plug on air, others talked about “pork & bailouts”.  I don’t know.  Point is, I’m on the radio. 


Well, here I am ready to go, Monday morning, March 22, from 8a.m. until 9a.m.  After all the work and political persuasion we had to do, you better tune in for this one folks.


We will be discussing the following:

  • Rockland historical trolley tours and what we cover on the tour
  • The new fleet of trolleys & limos
  • Where I purchased them and why
  • Future plans
  • Rockland Main Street


Not only do I own All Aboard Trolley & Limousine Co., I am also the owner of a local staffing company called All - 4 - U, Inc. 


We’ll talk about:

  • The different programs we offer
  • Work release from the Department of Corrections
  • Types of jobs we staff and recruit for
  • The companies that utilize our services.


So, lots to discuss and I hope you’ll tune in Monday, March 22, at 8a.m. for a fun, informative hour of excellent radio.


If you would like to e-mail me questions please do so at prior to the show.


Thank you,


Jim Gamage, Jr.


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