You Have Questions. We Have the Answers!

By Catherine Cooper | Nov 30, 2012

You Have Questions. We Have Answers!

What is a window treatment?

Is it just something that just covers the window?

Or is it something that decorates the window?

No, it is much more than that.

You can use window treatments not only to provide a function for your window, it can be used to enhance and add value to the window. Turning your window from just another necessary fixture into something more.

You see, your windows are a very important part of your home. They provide an opening to the world bringing in sunlight and air. They also provide a view to the outside world.

But unfortunately these are not the only things that come along with windows. Very often, they are also an opening from the world to us, bringing in prying eyes, noise, harmful UV-rays, glaring sunlight, heat, or cold.

While it is true that some windows have a nice view to look out to, not all of them do. Some are oddly-shaped or simply not good-looking. Others are not properly aligned or disproportionate to the room.

Even if it looks glamorous and has a great view, you sometimes need to block that view to protect you from the glaring sun or to get some privacy. You want to be able to switch from privacy and sun-control to sunlight and view, easily how you want and when you want it.

How can that be done without spoiling the design of your window?

On the other hand some windows just need that little extra  something to liven them up (and your whole room).

Window treatments will answer all of these problems and more.

Considering that windows cover 20-40% of a room, decorating them is not only like adding some jewelry but it is crucial to your whole room’s decor.

Questions? We have the answers!

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