WRFRF-LP attention all science fiction lovers!  hear Paul Cole on the radio, "Beam me Up," from 4-5pm on 93.3fm Rockland and vicinity & also  99.3fm

By WRFR-LP Radio | Dec 24, 2011

4-5pm  every Saturday tune if and hear....“BEAM me UP,” with your host Paul Cole focusing on science and science fiction stories and discussion; cutting edge science or research and it’s influence on science fiction in the future. podcast available  at:  www.beammeuppodcast.com   This show has a great following in this country and other countries!

 Sponsored by the Country Inn, of Rockport.


5-8pm “World in Song,”  a vast variety of great music.  This time slot is open if you would like to become trained to do a show? Call 594-0721 and leave a message. Be patient, as volunteers, somtimes it takes awhile to get to the office, (we have jobs)  to get the messages! We will get back to ya. Or call again.

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