WRFR-LP local community radio program schedule for Saturday

By ananur forma | Aug 11, 2018

WRFR-LP (low power)  Saturday’s schedule… on local radio 93.3fm &  Camden 99.3fm

Streamin’ online world wide at  www.wrfr.org  check it out!  Join the fun!


8-10 a.m. “Stone Coast Dead,” with Rodger Strickland, he only, "Deadicated," weekly radio show on Midcoast Maine, playing the choicest cuts from the Grateful Dead's live catalog.


10 a.m. – 12 p.m. “Morning Mental Health,” with Adrian Counce (your counselor)- music from artists that you probably know and never get airtime-and leaves you wondering why? All things obscure and strange; such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Alice in Chains and Guns and Roses. A wide range of musical genres are played on, “The Counselor’s radio show.”   Requests: 593-0013


12-1 p.m. “Penobscot Bay Report,” with Ron Huber is for people who work on, who enjoy, those who care about Maine’s biggest bay. Here’s your weekly update on the doings of local, state, and federal agencies and interest groups grappling with overseeing the bay’s commercial and recreational fisheries, hunters, aquaculturists, coastal developer wannabes, licensed and unlicensed discharges. www.penbay.net



1-2 p.m. “Weekend Round Table,” with Ron Huber-sharing the latest about Maine State Prison- investigative journalism, discussions, and commentary about the Maine State Prison. Call ins welcome 593-0013

* interlaced with music by........ Jimi Hendrix.


2-3 p.m. “Old Time Radio,” with Ron Huber. Enjoy selections from lively comedies, dramas, cowboys, Native Americans, soldiers, pirates, spies in endless tumult, out of this world science fiction and more- just lie the old days of listening to the radio with family & friends in the enchanting days of 1930’s ….1940’s….& 1950’s.



4-5 p.m. “World in Song.” You could have a radio show in this spot, or another time slot that fits for you…. We will train you.  just send an email to the  Station Manager, Jo Lindsay wrfr93.3@gmail.com


5-6 p.m. “The Beacon,” is a website & podcast created by the Maine People’s Alliance- to highlight the experiences of everyday Mainers, share information about the political and policy processes that affect Maine people, and promote a progressive worldview based on community, fairness, and investing in the future. We’re proud to feature rigorous reporting, political analysis and smart progressive voices from across the state.  If you’re interested in contributing to the site…

please get in touch    www.mainebeacon.com/contact-us/




6-7 p.m. The Flipside with Spike Hyssong and Shadow. A tour through my collection of sound recordings that are kept in my inner sanctum called, “The Flipside.” Sound recordings are in the form of 78 rpm records, 16 inch radio transcriptions, reel-to-reel tapes, etc. and include jazz, big band, classic radio broadcasts, novelty, rare, unusual and/or forgotten goodies.


7-8 p.m. “World in Song.” You could have a radio show during this spot. Call 594-0721 if you’re curious to find out how to go about this and how to get the training.



8-10 p.m. “The Dance House” - join DJ Blackmomba every Saturday night. Call ins welcome 593-0013.



10p.m. – 12 a.m. “Blue Highway Radio,” with Bruce Swan presenting music that will celebrate and explore the road less traveled. For Roots, Blues, Rock and Americana music from artists local and afar, familiar and not; and new. Please join your host, Bruce Swan.





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