WRFR is proud to brag again and  again about our history as, " a community builder."  Many local volunteers have contributed to make this vision real.

By WRFR-LP Radio | Oct 08, 2013

WRFR   small is beautiful. find out more:

Low power, all volunteer WRFR is Knox County’s only locally owned and operated radio station. FACT. By featuring the talents, ideas and interests of the people who live here WRFR helps make our community not just a spectator, but a participant in evolving global consciousness. WRFR stands for Radio Free Rockland or Rockland Free Radio.

In 2000 the FCC created a new class of radio service, “Low Power fm” to bring local radio back to American communities. Under industry pressure, Congress then scaled the program back, making very few licenses available.

In 2001 Rockland’s Penobscot School obtained a construction permit for a 100 watt station in Rockland on 93.3fm MHz.

On February 14, 2002 WRFR-LP went on the air 24/7 the first full time LP fm station in the USA! We are proud of that FACT, and you ought to be as well since WRFR is our only local Knox County radio station.

In 2003, the Camden Community School, on Washington Street obtained a license for a translator to bring WRFR to the Camden area (it reaches Northport!)

On 99.3fm it went on air June 2004.

In 2004 WRFR was praised in the U.S. Senate as a “wonderful example,” of the potential of low power radio to build community.

In April 2005 WRFR began streaming audio on the internet at www.wrfr.org

You can find our schedule and show description on our website.

*To learn about becoming a business sponsor (or a friendly supportive sponsor) phone our Sales Manager, Ananur (sounds a little like Eleanor, but it's not) Forma 594-2565

email her at ananur@myfairpoint.net rates are fair because we are volunteer run.


We post our daily radio program schedule on Knox Village Soup every day.

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