Would You Want A Pipe To Burst In Your Beautiful Home?

By Seacoast Security | Dec 12, 2012

… We didn’t think so.  Now that winter has started showing its true colors, it’s time to think about the effects snow, ice, and cold weather have on your home.  Have you considered Low Temperature Monitoring?

A low temperature monitoring system alerts you and our monitoring team at Seacoast Security when your home’s interior temperature gets critically low.  If you’re not home during the day, or if you have a summer home in Maine, a low temperature monitoring system will reduce the likelihood of pipes bursting while no one is home.  Your home remains safe from damages!

We would also like to add that, since Seacoast Security is locally owned and operated in Rockport, Maine, it’s easy for us to check up on your home for you while you’re gone.  If you need a technician to visit your home, we’re close enough that we can send a service truck to check your system.  Unlike large, corporate security companies, we don’t sub-contract and we won’t keep you waiting.

If you think your home may need a low temperature monitoring system, call Seacoast Security today!


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