Woman found after getting lost snowshoeing

By Stephen Betts | Feb 12, 2017

Washington — Police, game wardens and firefighters helped locate a woman Saturday evening, Feb. 11, after she got lost while snowshoeing with her dog.

Public safety officials received a call shortly after 4 p.m. that a woman had gotten lost in Washington and had called a friend an hour earlier by cellphone to report being lost.

Knox County Sheriff's Office Deputies Arthur Smith and Jeremy Joslyn, along with Joslyn's bloodhound, Gunner, responded, as did Washington Fire and Emergency Medical Services and the Maine Warden Service.

Gunner, Smith and Joslyn tracked for a couple of hours until Joslyn went through the ice and had to quit due to being wet and cold. Gunner wanted to continue on the track. Sheriff Donna Dennison said Sunday.

A game warden located the woman about 10 minutes later, the sheriff said.

The search occurred in the North Union, Skidmore Road area, the sheriff said.

Everyone was safe, she said.

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Posted by: Lawrence Edward Galkowski | Feb 15, 2017 05:57

why no name? she cost taxpayers money. if you get stopped by a cop your name is in the paper. even if you beat the ticket. leaving the name out is biased.


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