Woman dies in Knox County Jail

By Stephen Betts | Oct 04, 2017

Rockland — A 39-year-old Rockland woman died of an apparent suicide Monday at the Knox County Jail.

Sheriff Donna Dennison confirmed that Shauna Landre was found hanged in a bathroom about noon on Oct. 2.

"We all feel bad about it," Dennison said.

There had been no indication that Landre was a threat to herself, the sheriff said. Landre was classified as a trustee and allowed to work on the grounds of the jail because of her minimum security classification.

Landre was scheduled to be released in March, the sheriff said. She had been sentenced earlier this year on a drug possession charge.

The Maine Attorney General's Office, the Maine State Police criminal investigation division, the Maine Department of Corrections, and the Maine Medical Examiner's Office were notified as is the protocol in such cases, the sheriff said.

Landre was born Aug. 8, 1978. Services are pending and will be updated via Facebook, according to a notice from the family.

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Posted by: Valerie Wass | Oct 09, 2017 16:10

No, Shauna did not receive the medication that she needed.  As a rule, I believe, the jail takes away all meds from the inmate.  So, it's cold turkey.  This is not acceptable when those meds are needed to face everyday.

So, what can we do about this?  Any ideas?  Any suggestions?

Posted by: Valerie Wass | Oct 09, 2017 16:08


Always so negative.   Is it that you need someone to respond to your comments in a negative way?  You never did answer my question to you quite awhile ago....Do you live in Knox County Maine?  Do you even live in Maine?  Could you please respond to my questions?  Thank you

Posted by: Lawrence Edward Galkowski | Oct 07, 2017 06:42

incarcerating addicts is a waste of time and money.

Posted by: Gwen D Fraser | Oct 05, 2017 06:41

The support groups motto "Where here, if the addicted person wants help they will will reach out to us."  This is ignorant to the true mental hold addiction has on people.  When you go to a support meeting, and then meeting ends, you go back out into the reality of daily life with your addiction still with you.  You still have bills to pay, food, parents to answer to, children who need you.  It is all so overwhelming for those in the throws of addiction.  We have to start providing FREE inpatient services for these people.  We need to help them take that step and take away some of the other burdens that hold them hostage at the same time. I employ all those who have recovered to start speaking up to help and start fighting for our citizens in a place that we personally know too well. Society would do well to start listening to those who truly understand!!!!

Posted by: Kathryn Fogg | Oct 04, 2017 20:24

Why can't we have cameras in all areas?  Privacy could still be maintained within stalls but an officer would have a better idea if something irregular was going on. Too many deaths have happened in our jails.

Posted by: Katie Drinkwater | Oct 04, 2017 18:57

  1. Very sad indeed. I know for a fact many people do not receive the medications they need and are prescribed  while incarcerated at Knox County Jail. Knowing the devastating rebound effects of sudden stopping of certain antidepressants is dangerous and detrimental to one's health, I worked my way up the chain of command to see that my loved one received their medication. After 4 requests filed by loved one - to no avail - I finally called the administrator, who's condescending tone informed me my RN license wasn't qualified to have that knowledge. When I mentioned negligence he promptly hung up on me.  Or the man that died 2 yrs ago from not being given his blood pressure medication upon multiple requests AND requests to go to the hospital multiple times. So I sure hope this young woman received the medication she needed.  So when does the help start in KCJ? One AA meeting a week is not treatment.  My heartfelt sympathy to family and friends of Shauna.  Post by: Dee Urquhart.

Posted by: Valerie Wass | Oct 04, 2017 18:49

I do not believe that the jail has any kind of rehabilitation program nor mental health in place a the jail I maybe wrong. Does anyone know?

Posted by: PRISCILLA A DAVIS | Oct 04, 2017 16:01

Yes very sad as when one has a history of attempts and not sure if they are getting their medication as needed? Leaves so many questions

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Oct 04, 2017 13:01

So very sad. America needs treatment - not incarceration. America cannot arrest its way out of this brain disease epidemic.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Oct 04, 2017 12:28

Another sad story of someone fighting addiction and choosing to give up.  Thankful for those out there whom are offering HOPE to those desiring change. A bit of encouragement way too often makes the difference between life and death. If we could only see one another through God's eyes.
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