Woman arrested after alleged melee with police officer

By Tanya Mitchell | Nov 28, 2012
Source: Belfast Police Department Katrina Simpson

Belfast — A 26-year-old Lincolnville woman was arrested on several charges after she allegedly engaged in a scuffle with a local police officer as he attempted to detain her Monday, Nov. 19.

Katrina Simpson, 26, of Lincolnville was arrested on charges of operating under the influence, refusing to submit to arrest, and assault following a series of incidents that reportedly occurred at a residence on Ryan Road, which is just off Route 1.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said the trouble started when police received an anonymous report of a woman who was driving while intoxicated with her children in the car.

Cunningham said officers eventually located the driver, who was later identified as Simpson, at an apartment complex on Ryan Road. She told police she had had nothing to drink since she arrived there, but Cunningham said the officers determined she was intoxicated.

As Officer Matthew Cook went to place Simpson under arrest, Cunningham said, Simpson put up a fight and the struggle resulted in a minor injury for Cook. Cunningham said Cook was not seriously hurt.

"They just ended up rolling around on the floor," said Cunningham.

Aside from Cook, Cunningham said, no one else was hurt in the incident.

Cunningham said police obtained a blood sample from Simpson to determine what her blood alcohol content was at the time of the incident, but those results were still pending as of Monday afternoon, Nov. 26.

Simpson is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013.

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Posted by: sheila m lowe | Nov 30, 2012 19:58

um what about a charge of indangering the children?? whats wrong with people!? Poor kids ..hope they didnt see all of this.

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Nov 30, 2012 16:33

Imagine this woman in a few years from now. Is her life going to change after she sees herself on the pages of Village Soup? I certainly hope so. However, her path is that of someone that has little control and self worth. I feel so sorry for the children and hope that she gets the treatment she so desperately needs. Sometimes, however, life just keeps throwing you curve balls in which there seems to be no help. Hopefully, this will not be the case and she will learn to become an adult (in the true sense) and not risk the children in the process. But let's face it (by her photo), she too is a child whom has had children. Ugh..

Posted by: Douglas Bacon | Nov 30, 2012 13:53

GREAT example, Mom!  Betcha must be proud your children see you in that condition...  Why not grow up and get some help?

Posted by: Catherine L Leonard | Nov 30, 2012 11:58

Poor children! I hope they did not see the scuffle. Hopefully this is her rude awakening.


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