Woman allegedly violates probation to visit dying husband

By Juliette Laaka | Jan 29, 2013

Rockland — A Hope woman violated her conditions of release to visit her dying estranged husband, and it landed her in court Jan. 25, according to court documents.

Margaret E. Tracy, 55, made an initial appearance in Knox County Superior Court and pleaded not guilty to two counts of violation of condition of release.

Tracy was granted pre-conviction bail under the condition she not contact her husband, young daughter, and others following a domestic violence assault charge in September, according to court documents.

She was also arrested in September 2012 for operating under the influence.

She violated those terms Jan. 22 when she went to the hospital to visit her husband, who died the same day, according to court documents.

Tracy was arrested again and Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald requested bail be revoked.

Tracy's appointed attorney, William Pagnano requested bail be amended so she could attend the funeral and lend support to her daughter.

The motion to amend bail was denied by Justice Jeffrey Hjelm and Tracy remains in jail.

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Posted by: Catherine L Leonard | Jan 30, 2013 09:10

 We must think of the consequences of our actions before we do them. Every action has a reaction. I do not know the circumstances of her charges but it is sad that their daughter is without either parent.  Most of us have learned that life is too short and we must remember to show our love all the time because you never know when a loved one will be taken from you.  Did Mrs. Tracey go to her husband's side because she loved him or to soothe her conscience. Without knowing the story we will never know. My only hope is that their daughter can find some peace.

Posted by: Edwin Ecker | Jan 30, 2013 08:55

Maybe the Judge could have put conditions on at least a visit to the hospital like a police escort or some other way to be with her family this one time!

Sad state of affairs what the "justice" system has become !


Posted by: Heidi L Washburn | Jan 30, 2013 08:32

The tragedy in this story is not Mrs. Tracey breaking parole and landing herself back in jail, but her life choices that precluded her from rendering care and support to her husband in his last days and to her daughter who has suffered the lost of her father. My condolences to Mr. Tracey's family.

Posted by: N H | Jan 30, 2013 07:58

Bet Knox county sheriff's office was the one who started the ball rolling on her current charge.

Posted by: Alicia Landi | Jan 29, 2013 22:02

this is heart wrenching. funny how this judge can deny a woman to go to her own husbands funeral and to be there for her daughter in her biggest time of need but let psycho paths assault people, break into their home, but cry poor me and walk away empty handed....pathetic!

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Jan 29, 2013 19:43

As usual none of us know the circumstances entirely within this article. With that being said, I find it altogether sad for both Mrs.Tracy and that of the gentleman who has passed. Domestic violence creates chaos among all parties involved. I'm not at all sure if this visit with her ex husband is grounds for more time served, or a visit created more issues with the family, or perhaps helped with closure. Who knows? In either case, lest us not judge until we be judged,

Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Jan 29, 2013 19:24

this just gose to show us mainers how good our ststem works? it needs a lot off claening out in agusta what a sad story

Posted by: Jennifer J Dostie Stewart | Jan 29, 2013 19:02

This story makes my heart ache. Perhaps her being there gave the two of them the peace they needed to move on. I don't know the story, of course.


Posted by: Edith D Eutsler | Jan 29, 2013 18:41

Mrs. Tracey must have loved that guy or she would not have taken that chance to go to see him. Her heart emotions got the best of her.


Posted by: Edith D Eutsler | Jan 29, 2013 17:54

Richard, if Mrs Tracey had 'no heart' and Neala, if Richard has 'no heart,' are we sure that perhaps the husband didn't have one either?  :) :)

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jan 29, 2013 15:21

Sorry, Neala, looks to me like Mrs. Tracey had no heart or she would have stayed away and let him die in peace.

Posted by: Neala M Maloney | Jan 29, 2013 15:15

come on he was dying you have no heart


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