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Winter wonder pets

Feb 09, 2014
Courtesy of: Susan Andrews Is there something on my face?

Alert reader Susan Andrews of Waldoboro sent in these photos of her 1-year-old golden retriever, Skyy and her Siamese cat, Raiden.

Skyy takes nap time seriously, enjoys Frisbee and loves playing in the snow, burrowing like a mole. She also likes to help mom garden, and has found that sticking her head in a plant pot can be very entertaining. She also loves play dates with her buddy, Brooke, a chocolate lab. Her pink Lambie is her favorite toy.

Raiden, meanwhile, is trying to keep warm this winter, sleeping on the heating vent.

These pets live with Susan, a retired elementary teacher, and Ed, along with two other cats, Sebastian and Freya.

Does your cat sleep on your keyboard when you are trying to work, or bat at your foot under the door? Does your dog have a special talent? Send us a funny photo of your pet and a short story with it. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email (we will only publish your name and town), as well as the name, age and breed of your pet, its favorite activities and names of any family members who live with the pet. Send email to, subject line "Animal Antics" and snail mail to Animal Antics, 91 Camden Street, Suite 403, Rockland, ME 04841.

Raiden tries to keep warm in cold weather by lying on the register. (Courtesy of: Susan Andrews)
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