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Wilbur wants to be your playful exercise buddy

Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County
Jan 13, 2018
Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County Wilbur is a playful beagle mix.

Why not start the new year by adding a new member to your family? We have so many wonderful pets hoping that the new year will bring them love, companionship and a place to call home. Animals like pet picks Wilbur and Niko.

Wilbur is a very sweet beagle mix who came into the shelter as a stray. We are baffled as to why no one has come looking for this lovable, portly goofball. He is a fabulous dog and a shelter favorite already. Wilbur has the sweetest disposition and brightens any room he is in. He likes car rides, is playful with other dogs, but is far too curious about cats and likes to chase them.

In preparation for catching someone's eye to get adopted, Wilbur's new year's resolution is to become healthier by shedding a few extra pounds. He's on the right track with a balanced diet and a regular routine of exercise. All the experts say the buddy system is the best way to lose weight. Perhaps you resolved to lose weight and get healthy this year. You could be Wilbur's buddy! After a brisk walk outside, he'd be happy to join you on the couch with his head on your lap while you read your favorite book or binge-watch your favorite TV show. No worries, he won't judge. He'll love you just the way you are, hoping you'll do the same.

How about adding a little music to your life? Stop in and meet Niko, a handsome, friendly, 1-year-old cockatiel. He is quite the chatterbox and loves to whistle. In fact, as part of his repertoire, we often catch snippets of the theme song to the "Andy Griffith Show" coming out of the small animal room here at the shelter. Niko is used to being out of his cage, riding a shoulder or just hanging out. Unfortunately, Niko started laying claim to the dog's food bowl in his former home and was getting quite adamant about not sharing it with the dog. Niko is looking for a bird-friendly home where he can "rule the roost," so to speak, without worrying about the family dog. If you're looking for a feathered friend, stop in and meet Niko.

With more than 100 animals at the shelter looking for a home and more coming in daily, we are sure to have the right match for you. Stop in and speak with a staff member. We'd be happy to help you find "the one."

Wish list: wet cat food (poultry, pate style), timothy hay for rabbits, sidewalk salt, 6-inch paper plates, large and kitchen garbage bags, and gift certificates to Walmart, Staples, Amazon and other local businesses. Thanks for your support.

Niko is a year-old cockatiel. (Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County)
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