Why You Need Quality Silver Supplements for Immune Support


Silver supplements are liquid mineral supplements containing silver particles suspended in water.

These supplements seek to support a healthy immune system, may support the normal detoxification of microbes from the body, and may even be ideal for applying to skin conditions or wounds.

However, not all silver supplements are the same. So choosing the right products is important.

Keep reading to learn what sets these brands apart from competing products.

Attributes of Quality Silver Supplements

When shopping for silver products, you will notice they contain either colloidal silver or silver hydrosol.

Silver hydrosol is used to describe “pure” silver supplements.

On the other hand, colloidal silver is more of a generic term that can describe any silver supplement. With these supplements, you need to be careful as some colloidal silver products may contain ingredients other than silver and water, meaning they are less “pure.”

This does not mean you should avoid colloidal silver, as Natural Path Silver Wings specializes in colloidal silver that is free of impurities and is made with atomic silver.

Colloidal silver containing atomic silver is preferred for a few reasons. Atomic silver is more stable at higher concentrations, and it maintains its electrons and colloidal state for longer, even in greater concentrations. This means you can take less of the supplement while still receiving a dosage equivalent to that of a similar product at a higher concentration.

Other considerations for colloidal silver is the size of the silver particles. The smaller the silver particle, the better able they are able to move between cells and reach areas of the body that can use silver. For most supplements, a silver particle size of 1-10 nanometers is considered normal.

Some brands describe their products as containing silver hydrosol and have a particle size of 0.8 nanometers. When looking at the ingredients list of products from both companies, you can see that they share the same goal of providing high quality silver products. The difference primarily comes down to your preference.

Just keep in mind that when shopping for silver products, avoid those that appear yellow or brown, as these silver supplements are less active, less absorbable, and may be toxic in larger quantities.

Shopping for Silver Supplements

When shopping for silver supplements, you have almost endless options. You can choose from colloidal silver or silver hydrosol. There are also products for adults, children, and pets. Each product may also be available in a variety of forms, like liquids, tinctures, gels, and sprays. With so many different silver products to choose from, it is easy to find the product that fits your needs.

With the information provided above, you hopefully see why shopping for quality silver products is so important. More than that, you can see the many different options available to support your individual needs.