Why Thailand?

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Feb 24, 2014

Let’s play a little game. Grab your pet’s bag or can of food and check out where it was made. You win the game if the food was made in the US, Canada, or Thailand. That last one might be surprising to some people. I myself was a little surprised to find out that Thailand has made the list of countries who produce quality and, more importantly, safe pet food.

After the 2007 pet food recall crisis as well as the more recent issue with Chinese-manufactured chicken jerky treats, it’s never been more paramount to buy foods and treats that are made by a reputable source. Many experts stress North American made above all others, which is still very true, but one cannot discount Thailand whom, unfortunately, seems catch some of the flak from the worst of the pet-food offenders, China.

The fact of the matter is, Thailand keeps their human and pet food manufacturing under far greater scrutiny than the US. The pet food made in Thailand has to pass the same quality control as their manufactured human food on not just a national level, but also internationally. Thailand even has their own government agency similar to the United States Department of Agriculture, called the Department of Livestock Development (or DLD), that enforces the strict processing guidelines.

The important question to ask is why? Why is such care given? Thailand is working very hard to become the “Kitchen of the World,” a project launched by the Thailand government to help promote Thai cuisine and Thai grown ingredients to an international market. In 2012 alone, food exports from Thailand grossed a little over $1 billion (US dollars). So it is important that Thailand keeps a reputation that puts high food safety and quality standards in an important role, or else lose the trust of the consumer and prove their goal of being a lead exporter of consumable goods unattainable.

We currently sell four brands of pet food that are produced in Thailand: Weruva, b.f.f., Applaws, and Earthborn Holistic’s canned cat food. All four are made in human grade facilities, and, in fact, the Weruva and b.f.f. are made in the same facility that produces food for people.

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