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May 14, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has reached this community, it has become clearer than ever why it is so important to have the information needed in a newspaper and online news site that you trust.

We need to know the latest developments, how to keep families safe and what our government and business leaders are doing during this crisis.

It is easy in good times to take your community newspaper for granted or to think that maybe the area could get by with scattered unconfirmed information on social media. The reality is that if you do not support community journalism, it could go away. Studies show that could actually cost you money.

Communities without newspapers actually end up paying more in taxes, according to a report from National Public Radio. Without watchdog journalism, lending institutions worry that governments are not as accountable to the public and in some cases increase borrowing costs. Cities, school districts and towns borrow for big ticket items and those interest rates on loans can add up.

Listen to NPR’s “Starving The Watchdogs” on the Hidden Brain podcast, which explains this.

Over the years, our reporting has made a difference. We bring awareness of environmental issues, policy changes that can impact local businesses, projects that can increase taxes, developments that can change the character of a community and in-depth discussions with political candidates about their views. These reports arm our local residents as they go to the town meeting or the voting booth to cast their votes.

Social media, bloggers, TV and radio all get their information and leads from newspapers first. If newspapers disappear, all of these other sources will be struggling to find things to say.

Between Courier Publications and The Free Press, both headquartered in Camden, we have more than 50 employees. They and their families rely on these newspapers for their livelihoods.

Right now, local journalists need your support.

As COVID-19 has shut down businesses and major events, we are struggling along with our advertisers and subscribers.

You can help by subscribing today.

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If you have a subscription, buy one for a friend or neighbor as a gift.

Help keep us serving you.

Thank you for your time and support.

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