Why Social Trading The Ultimate Winning Tool For Beginner Traders

By Mike Krieger | Jan 04, 2018
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Social trading is creating quite a buzz among online traders these days. In this post, we shall touch upon the points that suggest why social trading can actually be the best tool for hitting more winning trades.


Social Trading:

Traders are using this method for making smart trading decisions and investments.  Here, they use or replicate the moves and principles of other successful traders. That is one of the reasons why many other top broker platforms are providing community trading tools to help their existing traders, and to attract investment from new traders.


Social trading allows you to benefit from the knowledge of experienced and successful traders. These community trading platforms work more like the social networking websites, where you can connect with other members. However, there is a difference between social trading networks, and connecting over the social media websites like the FaceBook.


Unlike in the social media websites, you will not be sharing personal information, or liking the personal photos of other members. The data that you get will be solely related to the opinions and actions taken by other traders. It will be focused more on the trading actions, rather than on the personal profiles of traders.


Play with caution:

However, it is important for you to check the profiles of traders closely before replicating their moves, because some of them will misinterpret the data analysis, and provide you with misleading information.


You should choose to follow the traders who win more consistently, by making sound decisions. It is a nice exercise that will help you in improving your trading skills as well. You must choose to follow the traders who actively communicate with others in the community, because they are more likely to be available to help you anytime you need.


Following other traders will help you in making critical trading decisions and saving time, but you should make it a point not to follow them blindly either. If you have any doubts or questions, then you can use the private chatting apps provided by the broker platform, and get the clarifications.


You will also be able to access the indicators and tables they refer for making their trading decisions. After a while, you will be able to actually predict their moves by reading the tools they use for making fundamental and technical analysis. The process will help you master your trading skills too.


Best tool for beginner traders:

Social trading allows you to make critical financial decisions, even if you do not have the acumen or in-depth knowledge for making technical analysis on your own. Hence, it can be an ideal tool for the beginner traders to get started.


Some of the platforms also allow you with additional income stream for helping other traders in the community. That is also a nice way to get to know more people in your social trading platform.


Top trading platforms like the eToro provide advanced tools to help their members with different types of community based trading. Make sure that you check out the eToro review before deciding to register with them.


You can also use the option of copy-trader, where your trades can be automatically made to replicate the moves of other members in the network.

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