Why is Classical Ballet so IMPORTANT?!

Classical Ballet provides the technical foundation for most all other dance forms. With a solid ballet foundation, dancers can transfer their skills into modern, jazz, or any other dance style they pursue. Though ballet-based dancers can adapt to other dance styles quickly, the opposite cannot be said for those dancers who come from other dance techniques. Most dancers from other dance genres rarely can walk into a ballet class and know what to do.

It is strongly supported in the dance world, and it still cannot be stressed enough, that taking ballet is the place to start for dancers of any age--even those students who want to mainly focus on another dance style. The rising trend is to produce a versatile, well-rounded performer--as demonstrated repeatedly on the TV Show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. The classically trained dancer almost always has the edge on the other contestants. Ballroom dancers, professional skaters, and Broadway performers, among others, are an example of those who train in ballet for their professions.

So don't forget Ballet! It promotes better posture, tones the body, develops poise and body awareness, promotes flexibility, and relieves stress. It helps children with their creative thinking skills , helps them learn about music and rhythm, helps them develop creative expression.


For more information check out Rockport Dance Conservatory's website, www.rockportdance.com

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