Why Have Memory Foam Mattresses Gained So Much Popularity?

By Mike Krieger | Mar 08, 2018






Over last two decades, memory foam mattresses have grown popular across people of different age groups. These mattresses have worked as a great alternative to spring beds. The key reason behind this change is the improvement in technology of memory form mattresses. Following section will brief you more details about how memory foam mattresses have emerged as a better solution over other conventional ones.

About Memory Foam Mattresses

During 1960s, technology was advancing rapidly including the ones related to mattresses. Among others, visco-elasticity memory mattress is one such innovation. This mattress was made for NASA in year 1966. After several applications, it was realized that this visco-elasticity technology was good enough to be used for making memory foam mattresses.

Since that awareness about memory foam mattress and its benefits spread among people, consumers started switching from other technologies to memory foam mattresses. Growing popularity of these mattresses, lead to entrance of more number of manufacturers in the industry. Steadily, the industry grew and now around 20% of the total mattress sales amounts to memory foam mattresses. Following section will give you an idea of why memory foam mattresses are so popular among people.


Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses Popular?

Better Pressure Point Relief

After introduction, memory foam mattresses were initially used in medical applications. These mattresses were introduced in medical field to protect, comfort and cushion the individuals in wheelchair seat cushions and intensive care units in hospitals and nursing homes. As per studies, it was found that memory foam could relieve pressure to a greater extent. This means, as you lay down on a memory foam mattress it easily adjusts as per the person's body shape.

This is in sharp contrast to normal mattresses, which require you to adjust your body as per the mattress. Additionally, unlike other mattresses, memory foam mattresses don't place an upward pressure on the sleeper’s body.


Back Support/Spine Alignment

In contrast to other mattresses, memory foam provides support/relief to each body part. It does so by spreading the person's body weight across the complete bed surface. Moreover, the mattress contours to body curves of the person, thereby supporting lower back better. This allows the spine to remain in neutral position, which is very crucial for taking adequate relief/rest.

In case you have used other mattresses such as spring, you would easily be able to understand this. Those mattresses don't distribute the weight on entire surface and concentrate it in the middle, thereby causing back-pain.


Prevent and Relieve Pain

Memory foam mattress has been designed in such a way that it not only relieves the current soreness but also prevents further pain. Users of memory foam mattress report reduction in pain, especially in the shoulders, hips, and back.

In fact, memory foam is the popular material for people suffering from painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Memory foam mattress is thereby a kind of all-rounder, which supports spine alignment, contours to body's shape, and reduces pressure on body's sensitive areas. All this ensures that you get better and improved sleep.


Adapts to Different Position

Another reason why 20% of the people are using memory foam mattress is that it adapts to various sleeping positions. This means that no matter if you sleep on your side, stomach or back, a memory foam mattress can easily adapt to every sleeping position. Visco-elasticity is designed in such a way that it can cradle and mold every body part evenly. This means that you can easily settle while sleeping to your most comfortable position and that too without placing any pressure on your sensitive body parts. It's worth mentioning point here that memory foam mattresses are available in various firmness levels. You can choose a suitable mattress after reading memory foam mattress reviews online.


For instance, for back sleepers, technology has been designed to provide back rest and lumbar support in memory foam mattress. Similarly, memory foam mattress for side-sleepers provides support to waist, shoulders, and hips, all at the same time. In addition to this, memory foam mattress helps stomach sleepers to keep their back in shape.


To conclude, you can define memory foam mattress to be an all-in-one solution, which meets the sleeping needs of everyone.

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