Why Clean Green??

By OrganiClean | Apr 15, 2014
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Ever wonder just what is in all of those cleaners that make your home shine?  Click here to see a list of the dangerous chemicals that are in everyday cleaners. The results are surprising.  This is just a reminder that no matter how many strides commercial products take to promote themselves as safer and gentler, there is nothing more sure than the cleaner you make on your own.

When using green products or creating your own home cleaning products, you have the power  not only to monitor exactly what is going into your home and coming in contact with your skin and lungs but also to eliminate anything that is deemed harmful or dangerous.  There is no mystery when you combine all the ingredients by hand to make your own detergents.

OrganiClean cleaning service uses all-natural cleaners that we make ourselves providing a safer home for you, your children, and your pets.

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