Who or what is 'Another View'?

By Dale E. Landrith Sr. | Aug 08, 2019

There have been some questions as to the origin and substance of the Another View opinion column. In late 2013 Jan Dolcater approached Reade Brower and Dan Dunkle of Courier Publications about accepting regular opinion pieces from a group of writers who would provide weekly articles from a conservative viewpoint. The group would be identified as those of “Another View.” Jan was asked if this group could provide a sustainable column week after week. As of this date, Another View authors have written 283 articles spanning five and a half years for Midcoast and other Maine newspapers and have been awarded recognition by the Maine Press Association multiple times.

The vast majority of Another View articles represent conservative principles. Some, but not all, of these principles are: 1) upholding moral order, 2) limited government, 3) limited taxation, 4) protection of individual rights, 5) upholding the rule of law, 6) federalism and the separation of powers, and 7) maintaining free markets. We believe that the United States was founded on conservative principles and strive to author articles that promote the continued practice of these principles to maintain and expand the freedom and prosperity that America has enjoyed.

The Another View group has breakfast together on Friday mornings each week. We discuss current events, possible topics, economic issues and political outlook. Each writer chooses their topic for the week and writes entirely from their own viewpoint. Topics may be from a local, state or national perspective or may just be cultural in nature. All of the articles are archived on Village Soup and available for reading.

The current writers for Another View are Jan Dolcater, Ken Frederic, Paul Ackerman, Ralph “Doc” Wallace and Dale Landrith Sr.

Jan Dolcater – Rockport/Rockland

Jan and his wife, June, moved to Maine in 1995. A career salesperson in the building trades, he retired in 2009. Jan is the former chair of the Knox County Republicans. He founded the Help Heat Homes program that raised more than $150,000 during its years, with 100 percent of the proceeds being furnished to those in need. Jan has been active in St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Camden.

Ken Frederic – Bristol

Ken retired after 43 years as an employee and contractor to the United States intelligence community specializing in program management and financial analysis. He is a native of Ellsworth, a graduate of Brewer High School and the University of Maine in Orono. He holds advanced degrees from Johns Hopkins and George Washington universities, is secretary of the Lincoln County Republican Committee, and a state committeeman from Lincoln County. Ken and his wife, Betty Ann, are active in St. Patrick’s Church and regularly volunteer in Bristol municipal activities.

Paul Ackerman – St. George

Paul was raised in Washington, D.C., and has lived in Maine for the past 49 years. He has observed/studied Maine, its history and politics, as well as national/international affairs. As a result of a family connection to the United Nations, Paul spent a decade (1980s-90s) reading internal documents which gave him an understanding of the organization. He considered himself a Democrat for decades, then an independent, and eventually neither was deemed credible for his views, and that is only amplified today. Paul has previously been published in magazines (Maine Antique Digest and Vintage Bike Magazine) and the Portland Press Herald (op-ed format) covering Maine industrial history, technical subjects, interviews and politics.

Ralph “Doc” Wallace – Rockport

Doc and his wife, Haunani – a proud native Hawaiian, took up permanent residence in Rockport after having spent years as vacationers on the Midcoast. As a teacher, principal and superintendent of schools, the bulk of his career was in Connecticut, where he also served as an adjunct professor at Quinnipiac University. It was Doc’s honor to have been appointed during the Reagan administration to the U.S. Education Department’s National Blue Ribbon Schools Panel. He and his wife are active communicants of St. Thomas’ Church in Camden. As a writer, Doc is particularly proud of his children’s book, "Tria Maria – the Cat with No Eyes," an inspiring true story that has also found a place in the hearts of adults with disabilities.

Dale Landrith Sr. – Camden

Dale came to Camden in 1982 from Detroit, Syracuse, N.Y., and Foxboro, Mass., as a result of employer-related moves. He spent 23 years as manager and eventually owner of Manset Marine Supply in Rockland, overseeing a multi-million-dollar business and at times nearly 100 employees. His two children graduated from high school in Camden while excelling in academics and sports. Two grandchildren have now graduated from Camden Hills High School, with a third currently enrolled in the middle school. He and his wife, Lois, are founding members of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Camden, and he serves in leadership. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich., with a bachelor's degree and then attended graduate school for two years.

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Posted by: Richard Ferguson | Aug 14, 2019 13:24

Mr. Horvath-

Thank you!

Posted by: Richard Ferguson | Aug 14, 2019 13:23


You can add "too" to the end of my previous statement.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 14, 2019 05:06

Thank you, Mr. Landrith, for your informative article. It puts to rest any nefarious thoughts running through my mind.  Am a registered Democrat, yet have voted Republican more often than not. Am discouraged that both sides of the aisle refuse to find common ground that will lead to the common good. Certainly believe it starts with respectful dialogue.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Aug 13, 2019 18:13

Mr. Ferguson-  You needn't pay any attention to Mr. Dolcator, at least no more than he pays to conservative "principles."  For example for some years here he has whined about the national deficit as though it were the death knell of the republic but now that trump -the new conservative messiah- has added trillions to the national debt he has gone silent on the matter or preferred to blame it on any spending that goes to actual Americans.  "Pie in the sky" is his term for anything that goes to helping real people, and "money wasting ideas" is conservative talk for any part of the social safety net.  Subsidies for profitable corporations and tax breaks for billionaires are just dandy in conservative circles just so long as nobody in the working classes "feels good" about it.  

American conservatism has gone to the dark side and adheres to it's former principles in word only.  Or as a true conservative and former Republican puts it:

"The current GOP still has a few resemblances to the party of old — it still cuts taxes and supports conservative judges. But a vote for the GOP in November is also a vote for egregious obstruction of justice, rampant conflicts of interest, the demonization of minorities, the debasement of political discourse, the alienation of America’s allies, the end of free trade and the appeasement of dictators.


“That is why I join [George] Will and other principled conservatives, both current and former Republicans, in rooting for a Democratic takeover of both houses in November,” he wrote. “Like postwar Germany and Japan, the Republican Party must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.”

"Being conservative used to be central to my identity. But now, frankly, I don’t give a damn. I prefer to think of myself as a classical liberal, because “conservative” has become practically synonymous with “Trump lackey.”
-Max Boot, conservative historian and columnist, and a foreign policy adviser in both of the Republican presidential campaigns against Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Aug 13, 2019 17:18

Mr Ferguson,

I became a Republican many years prior to Fox News, as I believe in Conservative principles and not feel good, pie in the sky, money wasting ideas, which are the primary lessons in the alleged Democrat agenda.

Jan Dolcater, Rockland

Posted by: Dale E. Landrith Sr. | Aug 13, 2019 15:32

Mr. Ferguson

To use reverse logic that must mean that those who have not been brainwashed by Fox News are less than intelligent.

Posted by: Richard Ferguson | Aug 13, 2019 11:09

Many intelligent people have been brainwashed by fox news.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Aug 13, 2019 09:00

"Along with actually being principled human beings conservatives, at one time, were the social and economic elites of this country, for the most part.  Since that naturally inhibited their numbers some of them got the idea of twisting their message to appeal to the working classes, or at least to those of the working classes looking for easy answers to complex questions, the kind that take meaningless slogans for a reflection of reality, who put their weak-minded faith in symbols while forgetting the principles behind the slogans and the symbols.  Adding a dash of xenophobic angst against everyone foreign, non-white, or non-English speaking and telling them that God loves them for their hatred was the perfect formula for misguiding the masses of willing ignorance into serving the ends of the elites but that didn't include them.  You do have to hand it to people like Karl Rove for convincing the Tea baggers of the world to cut their own kids off at the knees and forge their own chains, all the while getting them to believe that it's actually good for them.  Really!  Is it any wonder that conservatives can't recognize themselves anymore.  As far as I can see while the left tries to deny the black side of human nature, the right simply calls it white, and worships it."  -Me

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Aug 13, 2019 04:41

OK, let's "uphold the moral order."


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Aug 08, 2019 15:22

Impressive for the lot!

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