By Richard McKusic, Sr. | Apr 06, 2018

Our enemy is not the person who believes differently than we do. Our enemy is the one trying to drive a wedge of division between us. Many of the people I love and respect the most have a totally different ideology, color, sexual preference, faith. We need to be careful who we are calling The Enemy. They may turn out to be your best friend when the chips are down.

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Today, at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, this is where tears came to my eyes. (It was hard to get a good picture because of the lighting.)

These are Denise McNair’s personal effects, removed from her after the bombing - her purse, a piece of brick that had penetrated her skull, her shoes, her change purse, her cross necklace, her miniature Bible, and her 10 Commandments charm bracelet. Denise was 11 years old.

Racism looks at an event like this and makes excuse for it or condones it or “understands” it or silently cheers for it or ignorantly refuses to see the truth of it.

Evil men deliberately tried to blow up an entire church on a Sunday morning right before worship. They hoped to kill hundreds. They only succeeded in killing four sweet little girls who loved Jesus and were putting on their choir robes so they could sing for the service where their pastor, Rev. John H. Cross, was going to preach on the subject, “A Love That Forgives.”

What was their crime? What was their great sin? What had they done to deserve death? Their skin was a different color than violent, weak men who were scared that their daddies might vote or their mommies might sit next to them to eat lunch or their grandpas might make the same amount of money for the same work.

May God forgive the United States for the egregious sins of our past, and may he free us from the hatred and racism that seeks to consume us today.


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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Apr 12, 2018 09:18

This is what happens when we fail to see who our real enemy is: https://www.centralmaine.com/2018/04/11/advocacy-group-suspects-islamophobia-in-attack-on-muslim-business-in-troy/

Posted by: ananur forma | Apr 11, 2018 19:26

Hello Richard- thank you for being the bright Light that you are

this fits with your message

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