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'When do you start decorating for Christmas?'

Dec 01, 2012
"I start decorating when my wife tells me to." — Randy Gagne, Searsmont

The Camden Herald staff asks, "When do you start decorating for Christmas?"

"The day after Thanksgiving." — Anthony Johnson, Rockport
"Two days after Thanksgiving." — Susan Vanorse, Rockport
"I don't. Not a thing. The kids are grown and live away, but I do have Christmas spirit." — Harvey Rockburn, Rockland
"Two weeks before Christmas. If you decorate too early the kids get too excited." — Marcia Davis, Camden by way of Vinalhaven
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Posted by: Jennie Demmons | Dec 01, 2012 12:46

I like what Randy Gagne said, now that's a GOOD Husband!!  We don't decorate inside like we used to cause like the gentleman above said, our kid's are all grown up and moved away (some not too far)  We do decorate in front of our mobile home just after we take the Halloween decorations down.. LOVE HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS!!!

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