What's Up, Pup? #6 - Sadie!

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Mar 10, 2014
Photo by: Crystal Ausplund Meet Sadie!

Name: Sadie

Breed: American bulldog


Age: 2 years old


Which Loyal Biscuit Co. location do you like to frequent?: Rockland

How did you and your human meet?: My mommy and daddy picked me out of my litter.

What are some of your favorite places to visit outside of the Loyal Biscuit Co. OR if you are typically a housebound animal, where is your favorite place to lounge in the house?: P.A.W.S dog park in Camden.

How did you get your name?: My mommy has always loved the name Sadie.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?: Anything meat or cheese.

If you could spend one day as a human, what would you do?: I would love to drive a car, I already think I can.

Do you have any pet peeves?: I don't like other dogs walking passed my house.

Do you have any hidden talents or know any special tricks?: I can play soccer, I like to stop the ball.

If you were given $100 to spend on anything in the Loyal Biscuit Co., what would you buy?: I would buy all the treats, cow ears and bones I could carry.


Describe your perfect day: The perfect day would be to sleep in late, then go outside for a while, then breakfast, then have some treats or a bone, then outside again, then back in for a nap then repeat everything all over again.

If you are a Loyal Biscuit Co. customer and would like your pet or pets featured on our blog, please email me at ashley@loyalbiscuit.com.



The Loyal Biscuit Co. was named The Best Maine Pet Store by the readers of Downeast Dog News for 2010, 2011 and 2012; Best of the Best for Knox County for 2010, 2011, 2013; Best of the Best for Waldo County 2013, 2012 Pet Store Retailer of the Year - Honorable Mention and 2013 Retailer of the Year - Outstanding Growth from Pet Product News International.

The Loyal Biscuit Co. is located at 442 Main St., Rockland; Reny's Plaza, 1 Belmont Ave, Belfast; and 39 Mechanic St., Knox Mill, Camden. You can find the LBC online at www.loyalbiscuit.com or www.fb.com/loyalbiscuit.

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