What's Up, Pup? #5 - Stella

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Feb 28, 2014
Photo by: Cindy Wood Meet Stella, one of our Belfast customers!

Name: Hi, my name is Stella.

Breed: I am a cockapoo.  I am black with beautiful white markings know as a "phantom" style.

Age: I will be 3 big years old in April, though I look and act a lot younger for my age.

Which Loyal Biscuit Co. location do you like to frequent: My mom takes me to the Belfast store.  I get uncontrollably excited when I know we are going there -sometimes my mom drives way too slow.  Robin has become by BFF.

How did you and your human meet?: My mom drove from Belfast to New Jersey to pick me up and bring me home.  It was love at first sight!

What are some of your favorite places to visit outside of the Loyal Biscuit Co. OR if you are typically a housebound animal, where is your favorite place to lounge in the house?: I go to Hope Unleashed once a week to visit Nancy and my doggie friends.  I also spend a lot of time with my neighbor Gracie when my mom is at work.  Moose Point for special occasions.

How did you get your name?: Stellllllllllllaaaaaaa!  Need I say more.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?: I'm not very food motivated, but I do like Stella and Chewy’s Venison.  Its even better with shaved parmesan cheese.

If you could spend one day as a human, what would you do?: I would go to a tennis court with a ball machine, have my mom load it up, and keep it going all day long. Go shopping for a new outfit ( I love to dress up).  And then go to the wine bar with my mom and beg.

Do you have any pet peeves?: Those pesky squirrels.  I am on the look out all the time.  It drives me crazy.  When necessary, I chase them out of my yard with a Kong squeaker ball.

Do you have any hidden talents or know any special tricks?: I am an expert diver and swimmer.  I love retrieving balls in the water, though sometimes I am challenged to get my mouth around them.  But I am persistent.

If you were given $100 to spend on anything in the Loyal Biscuit Co., what would you buy?: Without a doubt, I would spend it all on balls.  I usually only get one at a time so that would be a big thrill!

Describe your perfect day: Go to Loyal Biscuit for a new ball, walk all over town with it and make some new friends, go out on my boat (I am an accomplished navigator), squeeze in a swim, and relax on the sofa in the evening watching Animal Planet - it gets me all wound up.

If you are a Loyal Biscuit Co. customer and interested in having your pet or pets featured on our blog, please send me an email at ashley@loyalbiscuit.com.


The Loyal Biscuit Co. was named The Best Maine Pet Store by the readers of Downeast Dog News for 2010, 2011 and 2012; Best of the Best for Knox County for 2010, 2011, 2013; Best of the Best for Waldo County 2013, 2012 Pet Store Retailer of the Year - Honorable Mention and 2013 Retailer of the Year - Outstanding Growth from Pet Product News International.

The Loyal Biscuit Co. is located at 442 Main St., Rockland; Reny's Plaza, 1 Belmont Ave, Belfast; and 39 Mechanic St., Knox Mill, Camden. You can find the LBC online at www.loyalbiscuit.com or www.fb.com/loyalbiscuit.

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