What's Up, Pup? #10 - Achilles

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | May 16, 2014
Photo by: Hannah Lazaro Meet Achilles!


Name: My "fancypants name" (as Mom & Dad call it) is Deer Run Glory Never Dies, but my real name is Achilles Apollo Lazaro. My friends call me Killy!

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Age: 4 months

Which Loyal Biscuit Co. location do you like to frequent: I mostly go to the Rockland LBC but sometimes we stop into the Camden LBC after puppy class!

How did you and your humans meet?: Mom & Dad picked me out right when my eyes opened. There were never any other humans for me! Then they visited me when I was five weeks old and couldn't believe how much I had grown. And finally, when they came to bring me home at eight weeks of age, they jokingly accused the breeder of trying to sell them a baby bear. I am growing up so fast!


What are some of your favorite places to visit outside of the Loyal Biscuit Co. OR if you are typically a housebound animal, where is your favorite place to lounge in the house?: I live on Vinalhaven so there are a lot of places to hike and beaches to dig up. I love them all! I also love a vanilla ice cream cone from Dorman's when we are on the mainland! Oh, and nothing beats a trip to Grammy's house in Owl's Head.

How did you get your name?: I was sorta named for my big brother, Apollo, who I never got to meet but who sounds pretty cool! Mom & Dad wanted another Greek name that began with A.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?: I love all food! There are a few non-food items in the world, like humans and the sky, but I have found that a lot of stuff is not non-food. Meaning that it may not be food but it's not non-food, either! So I eat it! Sticks, rocks, and paper are some of my favorite not non-food treats!

If you could spend one day as a human, what would you do?: I would eat at all the restaurants I am not allowed in as a dog! I would also try chocolate and grapes.

Do you have any pet peeves?: I like living on an island and all, but man, do I hate that ferry boat! It is so loud and shaky, and it smells funny! I also don't like it when my sister, Jenna, won't play with me!

Do you have any hidden talents or know any special tricks?: I am sooo good at getting in a bowl! Ask me sometime and I'll show you! It's like magic: you put the bowl on the ground and there I am, in it! I am just like Criss Angel but with better hair!


If you were given $100 to spend on anything in the Loyal Biscuit Co., what would you buy?: Lots of squeaky plush toys, bully sticks, Whimzees hedgehog chewies, and a leash of my very own to chew up and no one would walk me with it because it would be mine and it would be in a dozen pieces, just the way I like it! I would also buy some treats for Jenna.

Describe your perfect day: I would wake up at 4:00 in the morning, excited and ready to start the day, and Mom would be equally excited to go outside! We would walk around the yard while I sniff all the smells, then we would have a quick breakfast. Once Mom is good and awake, I would go back to sleep. When I wake up, we would go on a hike and play with my friends Novi, Steele, and Squatch. When we got home Mom would let all the chickens, ducks, and geese out and tell me to chase them as much as I want! Maybe she would chase them, too! Then lunch and more napping! I love to nap so I can be sure I am not tired when I get up at 4:00 AM or even earlier. Finish it off with dinner and a ride in the car and I would be one happy puppy!

The Loyal Biscuit Co. was named The Best Maine Pet Store by the readers of Downeast Dog News for 2010, 2011 and 2012; Best of the Best for Knox County for 2010, 2011, 2013; Best of the Best for Waldo County 2013, 2012 Pet Store Retailer of the Year - Honorable Mention and 2013 Retailer of the Year - Outstanding Growth from Pet Product News International.

The Loyal Biscuit Co. is located at 442 Main St., Rockland; Reny's Plaza, 1 Belmont Ave, Belfast; and 39 Mechanic St., Knox Mill, Camden. You can find the LBC online at www.loyalbiscuit.com or www.fb.com/loyalbiscuit.

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