what's up astrologically? Full Moon March 16 at 1:08pm and the next New Moon will be March 30 at 2:45pm (close to planet  Uranus)

By ananur forma | Mar 16, 2014

Ananur Forma lives in Rockland and also writes a weekly column in the Free Press. She is available for private personal readings. Ananur has been studying and doing astrological chart readings since the mid 70's.......She studied in Boston from 1973-1976 with Isabel Hickey.

March 16 at 1:08 p.m. the Full Moon will take place with the Moon at 26 degrees of Virgo and the Sun at 26 degrees of Pisces. Are you able to let go and trust your gut feelings and not analyze them to death? You can put your gut feelings to good use if you pay attention and act on them. Someone may need your nurturance.


March 16-18 Venus is in a positive aspect to Uranus. A new relationship that begins now would have sparkling chemistry. Romance is surly in the air. What you two discuss would add to the sparkle between you.


March 17 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter. It is known to stir up indulgent behavior. In fact writing this right now I want to walk to the nearby store and get some chocolate mint chip ice cream! Whoa. Mercury enters into Pisces and remains here until April 7th. With Mercury in Pisces you’re more inclined to dream and carry the dream state into everyday reality. That can be confusing.  You also may have an inkling of what others are thinking, especially if you were born with the Sun, Moon in Pisces or if your Rising Sign is in Pisces.







March 20 Venus is in a favorable aspect to Pluto which takes romance to a deeper level of understanding one another. The Sun leaves Pisces today and enters into Aries at 12:58 p.m. mountain time zone. This marks the first day of spring. Are you ready to start a new by putting new plans into action and taking risks to explore new options? Aries is a fire sign and stimulates the energy inside each of us that is daring and excited to take chances and explore new “territories.”


March 20-22 Mercury and Neptune are close together in Pisces. You can be easily influenced by music and film. Be selective during this phase. Scary movies could be damaging more so than we realize.


March 24-26 Mercury is now in a positive aspect to Jupiter. This is an ideal aspect for writers. Your cleverness is peaking. If you are someone who wants to write but has not gotten started yet, this is the day to begin to write freely, just allow the words to come. Don’t think about orderliness or editing.


March 25-27 Mercury is in a fine aspect to Pluto which suggests that thinking deeply about your life and relationships will bring needed insight.


March 26 the Sun in Aries is nicely aspecting Neptune in Pisces increasing psychic awareness and creativity. Mercury is also in an intuitive aspect to Uranus ushering in flashes of genius. Be ready to jot down the insights that come out of the blue.


March 27 is a day that could be somewhat discouraging because the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Saturn. Take good care of your health. Do what you know that works to boost your immune system.


March 27-29 Venus is in a positive aspect to Mars while at the same time awkwardly aspecting Saturn. Relationships that are new are being challenged for durability. The attraction is strong yet there are some underlying issues of trust that need to be dealt with directly and honestly.


March 28 hard work comes from being well organized and set up with the proper tools. Mars is nicely aspecting Saturn today and will give you the energy you need to focus in on the project at hand.


March 30 the New Moon will take place at 2:45pm with the Sun and Moon at 9 degrees of Aries and Uranus close by at 12 degrees of Aries. Sudden out of the blue occurrences describe the next 29 ½ day cycle for all of us. Those born between March 30-April 5 will be nudged on a Soul level to drop old diminishing beliefs and step into the light of knowingness and trust who they are rather than taking note from outside of themselves. This is a time for learning by taking chances.



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