What’s so Funny ’bout Commemoration? Past and Present Perspectives on Maine Statehood and the Bicentennial with Professor Liam Riordan

Community Happenings
Rockport Opera House
6 Central St. Rockport, ME
Aug 08, 2018
6:30 PM

This illustrated presentation explores the long statehood process in Maine that culminated in 1820 with formal separation from Massachusetts. That struggle engaged a range of challenging public issues that are still recognizable in contemporary Maine politics and culture. The talk focuses on four themes that bridge 200 years in telling ways:

•the "two Maines" and sharp partisan conflict

•the explosive pace of slavery vis-a-vis the Maine-Missouri Compromise

•Wabanaki sovereignty

•the uncertain location of the international border to at least 1842.

Professor Riordan is planning a scholarly conference (that will be open to the public) in Orono and Augusta from May 30-June 1, 2019. For more information about the bicentennial of the state of Maine, please visit: umaine.edu/mhc/me-bicentennial

Organized by the Rockport Public Library & Maine Humanities Council

Open to the public!