What You Should Eat On The No Meat No Bread Diet

Sep 24, 2019
12:00 PM

The no meat no bread diet is helpful to lose weight and help you to achieve a healthy body. If you do not know what you should eat on the no meat no bread diet, this article is perfect for you. Below are some details on food options for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


On the no meat no bread diet, you need a healthy and nutritious breakfast to start your day. According to research, a balanced breakfast consists of a glass of milk and a boiled egg. Along with these, you can add fat-less cheese for extra taste. If you frequently go to restaurants, ask the waiter to serve vegetable soup and a side of chopped fruit instead of bread and meat such as toast and sausage. Well, a plate of scrambled eggs with chopped vegetables will not be a bad option either. Some nutritionists are of the opinion that tofu is a perfect alternative to meat, so you can try that.


During lunchtime, our hunger level is peaking, so people who are on the no meat no bread diet willingly or unwillingly eat those things. This happens because they probably don’t know what to eat at that time. However, to ease this, we have added some items that you should eat.

  • Salad should be your primary choice as it consists of a lot of fiber and eating a high fiber diet can prevent constipation and it will cut down your cholesterol levels too. Along with these, eating fibers may lead to you eating less, and consequently you will lose weight.

  • Brown Rice is another healthy option that you may want to consider for breakfast. It has many benefits and is nutritious, which may support the nervous system, brain, and digestive system.


It is very hard to imagine dinner without meat and bread. But, for getting a healthy body, we have to put up with it. However, sometimes it becomes difficult because people do not have proper food charts for their dinner. Don’t worry, we are here to tell you what will be perfect for your dinner when you are on a no meat no bread diet.

  • Tofu is basically a Japanese word and it is made from soybeans. It is an ideal food for vegetarians because of its protein content. When we do not have bread and meat, tofu is the only thing that will help with hunger. It is not only tasty but also healthy. Along with tofu, you may want to try fried vegetables, kidney beans, and black beans to make the dinner healthier.

  • Brown rice with vegetables and tempeh, which is made from cooking soybeans, is another good option for your dinner.

Snacks and Dessert

For snacks, you should eat fresh fruits, nuts, and granola (unsweetened), and for preparing a perfect healthy dessert you should mix vegetables with sugar-less yogurt and eat it after having dinner.


So, start eating the above-mentioned food on no meat no bread diet and live a healthier life.