What' s up Astrologically?  Summer Solstice was Friday at 11:54 a.m. The Sun in Cancer bringing lots of light, joy and playfulness.

Jun 21, 2019





June 21 – November 27 Neptune is retrograde, beginning at 10:36 a.m. What to do? Go into retreat and rest, relax, pray  and drink  good quality water. Create a deeper  more profound relationship with your Holy Self. This process requires quiet time alone, studying saints, masters and prophets to see how you fit and what you already are knowing. I think we’re wiser than we realize. I have a gut feeling if you're reading this article, you already know this. We need to confirm it in each other. Living on planet Earth is not easy.



June 21 – July 22 beginning at 11:54 a.m. the Sun moves into Cancer and it’s summer solstice. You observe that you are nurturing plants, veggies, flowers, birds, pets and people. You simply can’t help yourself. Our country was born under the Sun sign of Cancer. It psychically demands loyalty to our country. This is called patriotism. Our country is divided and is obviously in need of healing. The Sun is moving in the direction of a fine aspect to Uranus which celebrates our diversity and our natural similarities- for instance we all need to feel and express  Love. We all need good water, clean air, adequate shelter, clothing and pesticide-free food. What do they say… that we all need 16 hugs a day? I think it’s true.




June 21 – 23 Venus in Gemini is opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius ushering in a fun, spontaneous time when decisions are tested to let go of dietary restrictions and enjoy the realm of pleasure. It’s,  “Oh what the heck,” kind of time. That’s the message Venus and Jupiter offer. Is it true for you? However for me personally with Saturn sitting on my natal Rising in Capricorn, the message for me is, ”Continue to say no to bread, no to alcohol, and definitely no to sugar…instead get more hugs.”




June 22 – 24 Venus is in a challenging aspect to Neptune. This aspect is known to stimulate idealism and the yearning for the ideal partner. Is there such a thing or does this kind of perfection exist only in the mind? If you’re seeking your ideal partner, you might be setting yourself up for a disappointment. It’s easy to betray yourself  by mistaking the wrong person for the right person. Your chart will show if your true love is coming, or if you’re already married to your true love.



June 25 – 27 The Sun in Cancer is in a fine aspect to Uranus in Taurus igniting your intuition and innovative genius. Let it flow! Is there an invention you’ve been working on that needs more of your attention? Now is the time.




June 26 – July 19 Mercury enters Leo at 8:20 p.m. Are you collecting jokes to share?  While Mercury is in Leo there’s laughter and playful practical joking. If you happen to be an aspiring storyteller, practice on your family and friends. Don’t forget to get their honest feedback. Maybe you’re a natural storyteller and you notice that you’re doing it more often now.




*Big News July 2 is a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) which will be exact at 3:16 p.m.

The eclipse takes place with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 10 degrees of Cancer. The total solar eclipse means that the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun and block out the view of the Sun. This will be visible over the Pacific Ocean and completing over Chile, Argentina and complete just west of Buenos Aries. The Sun and Moon at 10 degrees of Cancer is, of course, close to the Sun in the USA’s chart born on July 4th. The solar eclipse will have an effect on our farmers. I’m hoping that there is a policy to help the farmers who got sideswiped in Trump’s typically impulsive competitive action against China. This eclipse indicates more information coming out that would be shocking and uncomfortable for the public to hear.




July 7 – 31 Mercury is retrograde. Try to avoid signing any legal documents if you can. Why? There could be minor errors and then the appointment for the legal signing has to happen all over again. Travel plans get mixed up and have to be changed. I’m sure you all have great Mercury retrograde stories to share.



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Posted by: ananur forma | Jun 22, 2019 09:37

Oh, Prescott? I hear great things about it from those who have moved there...one from Florida who works in an art gallery and loves it there. Many Blessings to you Mickey!

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jun 21, 2019 13:45

Thanks and I will surely enjoy the eclipse here from Prescott, AZ !

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