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What is your favorite book?

Mar 22, 2014
"'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' series because it's adventurous and he fights monsters." — Evan Marino

The Courier-Gazette staff asked students in James Freyenhagen's fifth-grade class at Washington's Prescott Memorial School, "What is your favorite book?"

"'The One and Only Ivan' because it tells a story of a wild animal that gets a home." — Jasmine Leigh
"'Swindle' because a group of kids get to know each other better when they try to sell a valuable baseball card." — Parker Morrison
"'The Secret Tree' because a girl gets a new friend and they figure out secrets from the tree." — Rhiannon Gould
"'The Lost Hero' series because of its adventures and there is lots of action." — Damian Henry
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Posted by: Wayne Keiderling | Mar 24, 2014 05:51

If anyone wants a GREAT BOOK about our area of maine,I suggest reading ( THE TOWN THAT WENT TO SEA) It is the history of Thomaston Maine and the georges river valley ,where a lot of us live and work. You will discover a lot of your own family names of your forefathers who built hundreds of ships here and sailed to many distant places.There is no fantasy in this book BUT REAL !!! danger, real excitement,hardships and,success of the people who came before us.

Posted by: William Pease | Mar 22, 2014 15:19

Excellent choices, boys and girls, and it's wonderful to know that you are reading books.

When I was your age (I'm 80!) my favorite book was "Redcoat, the Phantom Fox" by Clarence Hawkes. I'll bet the wonderful Rockland Public Library and the Camden Public Library have copies of it.  Start to read it and you won't be able to put it down. Really a good read.

Bill Pease

Lancaster, PA   (but a Rocklander still in my heart)


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