What is Question 1?

By Mike Krieger | Oct 13, 2017

Question 1 for Maine in 2017 relates to the beginning of an economic expansion in York County through the construction of a new gaming and entertainment facility.It would include a convention center that could host fairs, concerts and other entertainment events as well as local events such as flea and farmer's markets.The proposed project would provide over 2000 permanent jobs and over 2700 construction jobs.The tax revenue generated by the complex, estimated to exceed $240 million over its first five years of operation, would fund multiple education and social services programs, without enacting one penny of a tax increase. The income of local residents is projected to increase by over $180 million as a result of this project, creating a significant lift to the economy of the entire region.The funding from this project will also benefit programs such as social services for veterans, Native Americans and senior citizens as well as provide college scholarships, K-12 education and drug education to children in the state.


Creating an Opportunity


Passage of Question 1 for Maine in 2017 makes a gaming venue license available in York County.However, this is only step one.By law, another vote would be held in the county to approve the construction of a gaming center.The community would then be able to determine the type of facility that is built and where.There are several towns in York County that are interested in a project like this.The residents want the opportunity to decide for themselves how to improve their economy and benefit their communities. These towns desire a future which includes a facility that would provide plenty of permanent jobs by drawing tourists from across the region year round.


Gaming Benefits Mainers

Voting yes on November 7, 2017 for Question 1 allows Maine to expand the benefits already realized elsewhere in the state. Gaming in the state of Maine has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for education and other important programs for over ten years. However, the state needs more revenue to continue to provide excellent schools and social services for Maine residents without raising taxes. Bangor and Oxford have seen considerable economic benefits from the gaming centers in their towns. York County deserves the opportunity to see similar business and tourism growth.


Boost Local Maine Tourism


Maine needs to be able to keep its jobs and revenue in the state in order for its residents to continue to thrive. The tourism industry is critical to its economy, but the season has traditionally been limited due to weather and geography. Voter support for Question 1 for Maine in 2017 would allow the addition of a year round tourism facility which would be a source of significant and long lasting financial benefit to the area. But,there are other projects in process in the region, including a multi-billion dollar complex in Boston, which are also intended to create jobs and make money for government programs. Without theproposed project, York County could stand to forfeit jobs, as well as tourism and other revenue that may be drawn to facilities elsewhere. Southern Maine is perfectly located to easily draw tourists and customers from the surrounding areas of Quebec, New Brunswick and the rest of New England and Canada.


What is Question 1 and what does it mean to Maine? Question 1 is the means to provide York County and the rest of Maine with theopportunity to create millions of dollars in economic growth which will benefit all Maine residents by increasing the state's revenue without having to raise taxes.Voting yes on Question 1 is the right choice to allow Southern Maine to financially prosper as a result of the development of an entertainment and gaming venue that will improve the lives of all Maine residents for generations to come with improved educational and social services.

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Posted by: Robin Gabe | Oct 13, 2017 11:36

How about some disclosure. Is Mike Krieger a concerned citizen of Maine and a Maine voter? Or is he a mouthpiece for the "Yes on 1" lobby (possibly a paid employee from out of state)? This information would provide significant help in making a decision.

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