What?  Ice Massage?!

Your physical therapist has just announced to you “we are going to do ice massage on your heel for your plantar fasciitis”. Oh dread! More torture!

Hold on…..I can tell you it works!

When your PT applies the ice, he or she will move it around, applying some pressure and “massaging” the area. She may tell you to do this yourself at home once or twice a day, or after jogging around the nearby track, or after your hip-hop class or long walk or badminton game with the guys. Many people think they don’t have the time or don’t want to take those 10-20 minutes to do this.

As a multi-tasker I figured out something that worked for me, and it may work for you! That is, after pounding your inflamed foot on the pavement, or the gym floor, or on the tennis court, fill a small plastic container with ice and water. I used a food storage container. Now, take off your athletic shoes and lower your heel into the container. I rested the top part of my foot on the rim with my heel soaking in the ice water. Now you can look through your mail, check and respond to voicemails and emails, eat lunch or whatever! The ice is doing the magic as you do something else. Easy!

One more thing I would like to pass along regarding helping yourself get over the inflammation of plantar fasciitis….Do NOT wear flip flops or backless shoes or sandals that SLAP your heel with every step you take! And don't go barefoot on a hard floor!

These things worked for me. Now you try it.

Submitted by a satisfied patient of Downeast Rehab

Note by physical therapist Dick Baldwin:

Ice massage is commonly used for superficial inflammation such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or tennis elbow. Always wear shoes, even around the house!

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