What goes into the perfect post on social media? Our #HoneyBadger experts tell all.

By Shannon Kinney | Dec 07, 2017

Social media is a finicky thing. Sometimes you get great results from the things you share, but other times your posts fall flat. What causes that to happen? There is no single answer, as countless variables affect a social media post’s success.

If you’re having trouble getting engagement on your posts, it can be helpful to break them down into individual elements to assess their strengths or weaknesses.


In the world of social media, keywords are special words or phrases included in your content that should be searchable and descriptive of your campaign. Due to the text-based nature of many social media channels, using precise language and carefully choosing keywords is of the utmost importance. This is especially vital on Twitter, where you are limited to 140 characters per post. If you can fit a keyword into the main text of your post, that’s perfect. Otherwise, adding a hashtagged keyword to the end of your post is the way to go. Knowing what keywords are trending or popular can also help you make an informed decision on what kind of content to post.


Use hyperlinks in your post to bridge the gap between your social media presence and your website. You can share additional information with users, direct them to a contact form, send them directly to a product page or any other part of your site. With some platforms, like Twitter, your link will be shortened to fit the limited number of characters. Even on social media platforms without character limits, shortening your link with a service like bitly or Ow.ly can be a good practice to minimize clutter in your post. However, some users appreciate being able to see the full link before clicking on it, to know exactly where it will take them.


An amazing way to increase engagement is to tag other users, pages or businesses in your post. Maybe you’ve partnered with a local organization and want to give them some recognition. Or maybe one of your customers has engaged with you in the comments of a post and you want to acknowledge them by name. Users will be notified of the tag and may be open to a public dialogue, which can be beneficial for your brand if all goes well.

Image optimization

The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, making images one of the best tools in your arsenal for increasing engagement. Depending on the social media platform, your images will be displayed in different aspect ratios and sizes, and thumbnail views may crop out some parts of your image. Always review your images in as many forms as possible: thumbnail view, full screen view, on a desktop browser and on mobile devices. With mobile browsing becoming more and more popular, it’s vital that your content is displayed properly on phones.

Our marketing strategists and editors have years of experience crafting effective social media posts for a wide range of businesses. Let us help you discover what makes a perfect social media post for you and your business goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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