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'What do you think of the performance of Rockland city government?'

Nov 23, 2012
"Overall, it's a pretty good government." — Fred Newcomb, Owls Head.

This week Courier-Gazette reporters are asking around town, "What do you think of the performance of Rockland city government?"

"I think they do a wonderful job." — Gordon Benner, Rockland.
"I think they could do better. If they listened to the people instead of just doing what they wanted, it would be a lot better." — Judy Robinson, Rockland
"There are two issues that need attention — public transportation for seniors between area towns and  sidewalks on Camden Street. Other than that, I see no fault." — Lauretta Robinson, Rockland
"I'm not really impressed, too much drama." — Mike Bonzagni, Camden
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Posted by: Ronald E Dyer | Nov 26, 2012 15:24

The "Mayor" no matter who he or she is, is only one of 5 councilors and the title is intended to be mostly ceremonial. The city manager is the person who should be leading the city in any direction along with the council, the Community development director/board, Chamber of Commerce and more importantly the citizens/taxpayers all working together.

Posted by: Jim Gamage | Nov 26, 2012 11:16

Young, energetic, enthusiastic and determined are some of what Will brings to the table. I see the council being productive, good listeners and openminded.  Exactly what Rockland deserves.  I am very excited to see Rockland and the surrounding communities start thriving.  Optimism is contagious!

Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Nov 25, 2012 17:47

way to young to be mayor not any weirs enough exprrise but no one else on the city conuncial wanted it so here we are

Posted by: Bill Packard | Nov 24, 2012 19:43

Will is a great person and very capable to serve as mayor.  Will, however is not the solution to Rockland's challenges, good or bad.  Without public engagement, Will's ability is limited.  If the public gives him direction and input, I'm confident that he can steer the ship in the right direction.  If the population depends on Will to do it on his own, despite his best efforts, the results will probably be disappointing.  Get on Richard's bandwagon!

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Nov 23, 2012 08:45

Well, Will is at the helm and has a "CAN DO" attitude. Am optimistic for our future. We'll see how some of the "drama", Mr. Borzagni mentioned, is dealt with. Believe we are seeing the start of living in the solution instead of the problem.  Onward and upward, Rockland! There's work to be done and we're up to it. :)

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