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What do you think of the city charging $14,000 to the Maine Lobster Festival?

By Staff | May 13, 2014

Rockland — What do you think about the Rockland City Council's decision to make the Maine Lobster Festival pay more than $14,000 in fees for the use of city parks for the festival? In the past, the city has given the festival a waiver. At its May 12 meeting the council voted to rescind the proposed waiver of the fees, arguing it needed to be fair to all who use the parks when it comes to charging fees. Festival organizers argued the festival brings a great deal of business into the city. In addition, the festival donates all that it raises to government, education and charitable causes. It has helped purchase a fire truck for the city, for example. Take our On The Line poll to tell us what you think.

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Posted by: Ed Allen | May 14, 2014 17:54

I didnt even take the on line poll .When it comes to shooting yourself in the foot Rockland is the best by far


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