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What are your thoughts on adding pre-K in RSU 40?

Mar 07, 2014
"I think it's a good idea. The kids need it." — Brenda Simmons, South Waldoboro

The Courier-Gazette staff asked "What are your thoughts on adding pre-K in RSU 40?"

"The youth and children are the most important assets we have." — Richard Hoffses, Waldoboro
"I feel there are enough pre-k programs in the area and the tax dollars should go elsewhere." — Linda Whitney, Union
"It's a tough sell, especially with the cutbacks in other school functions." — Lorraine Twickler, Waldoboro
"Why haven't they done it yet?" — Norman Golden, Waldoboro
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Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Mar 11, 2014 12:36

The obvious comment is that the whole point of pre K is to level the playing field so that children who have parents with fewer resources can successfully compete with kids whose parents can afford high quality early learning experiences. Less money is ultimately spent on them as adults. The same arguments were made for and against kindergartens back in the day!

Posted by: todd caverly | Mar 09, 2014 22:43

This goes with the push to add additional years to high school. First, raising and training up a child is the parents responsibility. Second, They seem convinced that the reason education quality is down so much (the need for remedial classes in colleges) is that we just haven't given enough money or time in the system. The more we spend, the less qualified students we are turning out.

Posted by: James L. Bowditch | Mar 08, 2014 18:48

All the research says that it pays off big time over life.  People's earning power goes up, and by "fronting" education, society gets paid back by more tax dollars and a better educated population.  A no-brainer.


Posted by: paula sutton | Mar 07, 2014 18:56

Children are our most precious resource and their protection is a parents function.  I have concerns whether or not a public school setting is the best choice.  Private day care facilities already in operation are doing an excellent job and allow parents a wide range of choices and flexibility.

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