Welsh announces reelection run for House District 94

Apr 25, 2014
Rep. Joan Welsh, D-Rockport has announced her plans to run for reelection.

Rockport — Rep. Joan Welsh, D-Rockport, has announced she is running for reelection for her fourth and last term to represent the citizens of Camden, Rockport and Islesboro in the Maine House of Representatives. She is running as a clean election candidate.

“During my six years in the Legislature I have learned the complexities of the legislative process, how to evaluate all kinds of bills and how to interpret those bills in terms of my constituents’ interests. Most importantly, I have learned to listen carefully to all sides of an issue before voting, probably the most important discipline a legislator can possess. I believe I have mastered these skills during challenging economic times when there are often no really good choices," Welsh said in a news release.

Welsh has served on the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources during her legislative tenure and now serves as the House chairman. She has worked with her committee colleagues to find bipartisan solutions for many difficult issues, including shore land zoning, wetlands protections, preserving Maine’s Bottle Bill, landfill and solid waste management, mining and toxics protections.

“I have worked hard to find a balance between environmental and citizen protections with the needs of Maine businesses. I believe that a healthy environment is critical to attracting more businesses to Maine," she said.

Finally, of great importance to Welsh, are constituent services: helping members of the community find the resources they need at the state level.

“I try to keep constituents informed and to respond to their questions and needs. Making our legislature and state government accessible is a priority,” she said.

In addition to her six years of legislative experience, she has 30 years of workplace experience leading organizations of up to 500 people and successfully managing budgets of as much as $15 million. She was the founder/director of a human services agency in Boulder, Colo.. Nine of her 20 years at Outward Bound were as president/CEO of the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (headquartered in Rockland). She also was the director of Academic & Student Affairs for Rockport College and deputy director of The Natural Resources Council of Maine.

“My work and legislative experience are invaluable as I work to tackle the complex problems of government. I am eager to continue serving our community and be an ever more effective legislator representing our citizens’ diverse needs and concerns.”

Welsh can be reached at joanwelsh08@gmail.com or 236-6554.

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Posted by: Martha Johnston-Nash | Apr 27, 2014 09:11

Someone mistitled this article.  Maybe it's just a typo (sure), maybe it's wishful thinking, and maybe it's just probable that an incumbent is reelected. But it hasn't happened yet, so I ask you to please take a second look when titling articles. If it was given to you like this, shame on Welsh. Our election process does allow for other candidates and election isn't determined until the count is final.

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