Weekly Landscaping Tip - Avoid the "Bumper Car" yard!

By Plants Unlimited | Jan 09, 2013

Buck's Weekly Landscaping Tip - Avoid The Bumper Car Yard!

The Bumper Car Yard?  That's what I call random plantings of single trees and shrubs throughout a lawn or yard. This reminds me of Bumper Cars (or Bumper Pool) when I see folks on their riding lawnmowers going around each plant and seemingly bumping from one to another. After 34 years, I've heard all the horror stories about how the person driving the lawnmower ran over "her" favorite plant!

I think this happens most when people buy a plant they really like without thinking about where this plant may be grouped with others or planted in a more logical place than "somewhere out on the lawn"!  Try to group plants in  defined garden beds or plantings, not solitary little "islands" throughout the lawn! Some plants might even look better planted in masses (of 3, 5 or 7 etc - odd numbers of many plants are preferred over even numbers).

Other plants, especially larger growing trees are meant to be grown singularly -as specimens,but most smaller and medium sized plants look best in groups.

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About Hammon Buck:

"Buck" was born into a nursery and florist family and was brought up in the business. His "roots'" are in the North Fork of Eastern Long Island, New York and Searsport, Maine.

He graduated from Cornell University in 1977 with a BS in Landscape Architecture, He started Plants Unlimited in 1978 and, after 34 years, continues to enjoy retail and helping folks with their plant or product needs.

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