We are the Church

Welcome Home to Chestnut Street Baptist Church!

We are the Church, Pastor Adam Kohlstrom


We do not gather to attend church,

we gather because we are the Church.


So weekly I will build the church by practicing Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity.


Acts 2:42. The Greek word koinonia - translated frequently in the New Testament as fellowship - literally means “sharing in.” What does the Church “share in”? What are the differences in attitude between one who is “sharing in” a church community and one who merely attends as a church consumer?


Hebrews 10:24-25. What influences or experiences tempt modern Christians to “give up meeting together”? How might the preference-sacrificing,

uncomfortable, inconvenience of real, face-to-face relationships grow us into the image of Christ better than virtual (online) relationships?


GRACE (Colossians 3:12-14)

“We shall strive for the unity of this Church praying for, helping, serving, forgiving, speaking only that which builds up or imparts grace” (CSBC Church Covenant). How have you seen the neglect of these things promote disunity? What do we learn from these passages (Ephesians 4:1-3,11-16,29-32; Col. 3:12-14) about the practices of grace that preserve unity and build the church?


GRATITUDE (Colossians 3:15,17)

“Gratitude” is from the same root word as “grace.” How might understanding our church family as an unmerited “grace” change us?


“Thankfulness is the opposite of selfishness. The selfish person says, ‘I deserve what comes to me! Other people ought to make me happy’” (Warren Wiersbe). How do entitlement and consumerism affect a community? How might the regular practice of gratitude change a community?


GENEROSITY (Colossians 3:16-17)

“We shall strive to be responsible Church members through faithful attendance, study and giving” (CSBC Church Covenant). How can you tell the difference between generous and “bare minimum” giving (Acts 2:44-47; 2Cor. 9:7)? What hinders the generous giving of your time, talents, and treasure?


“Your strategy, not your intention, determines your success… Open your calendar. Do you see your goals scheduled right into the rhythm of your every day?” (Carey Nieuwhof). What will be your strategy for being and building the church? In what practical, tangible, scheduled ways will you practice grace, gratitude, and generosity this week?





Feel free to invite your neighbors, friends, and co-workers!

Sundays - Sunday School 9:30am ─ 10:30am | Worship 10:45am

Windward Gardens Service 1:30pm

Mondays | 6:30am ─ 9:00am → Camden Community Breakfast (FREE!)

Wednesday Devotional & Prayer 7:00pm (All in Parlor)

Saturday | 7:00am ─ 9:00am (High School Room | 2nd Floor) → Men’s Group




If you cannot visit us this week or want more information on any of CSBC’s activities, visit us on our website:  www.chestnutstreetbaptist.org or find us on facebook!

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