Ways to market your small business

By Jennifer Noble | Apr 09, 2017

There are many types of small businesses, and there are even more ways to market your particular small business to customers. If your customers are mostly online, you will probably want to set up an email list to stay in touch. If your customers are mostly local, your small business would benefit from an attention-grabbing event like an open house or a paint party. And if you are a creative entrepreneur looking for more ways to connect with customers without feeling icky about in your face marketing tactics, a free online course on marketing might be the right fit for you.

Marketing Tip #1: Encourage Online Subscribers
Whether your small business is online only or you have a brick and mortar location, it is a good idea to set up an email list to stay in touch with past customers and get connected with potential customers. After you have an email list set up for your small business, it is time to promote the email list to get people to sign up. Past customers are key members of your email list, and it is often easy to get them to subscribe. As part of your standard transaction procedure, make sure to offer a free subscription to your email list. You can boost interest by offering coupons, future discounts, or upcoming event updates to your past customers. For potential customers, a great way to promote opt-ins to your email list is with something free, like a PDF download of your small business brochure. Just be sure to word the offer so it communicates the value of your PDF.

Marketing Tip #2: Host a Paint Party
Of all the events your small business can hold in order to boost local attention to you and your products or services, the paint party stands out as a unique and fun way to connect with your locals. A paint party will get messy, but that is part of the fun! There are many different types of paint parties, and you can choose from a number of colors of florescent blacklight paint for your party. Mirror the colors from your small business logo or just go wild with some fun neon colors. Your customers will never forget your paint party or your small business, and new customers will hear about you as locals spread the story of your fun event. Plus, everyone who attended your paint party will have the paint covered clothes to remember you for years to come.

Marketing Tip #3: Try a Free E-Course
Owners of creative small businesses often suffer from the notion that marketing is icky, or that marketing tactics can be tricky or unethical. This is just plain wrong! You can really boost your visibility and sales by changing your perspective on marketing and what it can bring to your small business. There are many online courses about creative marketing, and a number of them are totally free for you to try out and apply to your business. When you find a system that works for you, the difference it makes to your small business is truly magical.

Your small business is important, and the best way to keep your small business growing is to stay in touch with past customers while promoting engagement with new customers. An email list is the single most important online marketing tool you can use, so be sure to get an email list set up for your small business, and be sure to actually promote the email list to your customers. If you are a local small business that relies on physical customers frequenting your establishment, you can market your business with a fun and memorable event like a paint party that everyone will be talking about well after the event itself is over. And if you've ever cringed about how icky marketing feels, an online course will help you get on track.

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