Watershed School to participate in Maine State Science Fair

Mar 19, 2014
Jillian Galloway of Hope observes the orbital period of Titan.

Camden — All 24 students of Watershed School will participate in the Maine State Science Fair in Bangor March 22.

Mentored by the school’s science teachers, Phil Gerard, biology, and Peter Kalajian, engineering, physics, and observational science, the entirety of the student body has prepared individual research projects to be presented at the event.

Beginning in February, each student formulated a unique inquiry for which they have designed experiments, collected data, and interpreted findings.

Ben MoonBlack, a junior at Watershed School, has developed an analysis on similarities between the DNA sequences of collagen from Tyrannosaurus rex and the collagen of extant species to determine closest living relative(s). He concludes that this living relative is the modern chicken.

Minjung Kim, an international exchange student from South Korea, has observed the orbital dynamics of a close binary star and her classmate, Laurel Brooks, a sophomore, has created a low resolution atlas of stellar types.

Other students have chosen to focus on a variety subjects, including, but not limited to: Orbital period of Titan, Spectroscopy, Photometry, Quasars, Binary Stars, Caffeine and Fertility, Analysis of flu virus and vaccine proteins, Analysis of hemoglobin DNA sequence and evolution, Effects of liquid nitrogen on viability of seeds, Effects of high pressure on seedling germination

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