Wasses for Corey fundraiser

Getting excited about the gathering
By Beth A. Birmingham | Feb 26, 2013
Source: Facebook Corey Sukeforth and his wife Jennifer look forward to a memorable event March 9 at Wasses Hot Dog in Rockland. Friends and family are gathering donations to make his wish of eating his favorite hot dog come true. Sukeforth, originally from the area but who live in Rio Grande, N.J., was diagnosed with cancer last year. Joining him on the trip will be his daughter Dynius, 15 and son Trent, 11. His oldest daughter Sharon, 21, resides in Warren. This photo was taken following his first chemotherapy treatment at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA in December.

Rockland — Friends and family, and the honoree himself are getting excited to see a dream come true.

Corey Sukeforth, who currently resides in in Rio Grande, N.J., but is from the Midcoast area, was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year. He just completed his final planned chemo treatment, and has to go back in a few weeks for further tests to decide the next course of action.

Sukeforth posted on Facebook his desire to travel to Maine to have his favorite, a Wasses' hot dog. It has since become an "event" scheduled for Saturday, March 9, according to his aunt Tammy Fernald, who resides in Florida and has arrived in Rockland for the event.

Sukeforth as well has arrived in Maine, and is enjoying spending time with his friends and family.

The event will begin with family and friends meeting at Wasses' Hot Dog at 2 North Main St. in Rockland, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Participants will then go to South School at 100 Holmes St. (off Broadway) to spend time with Sukeforth and his family. Cake and coffee will be available. Other snacks are welcome. The meeting place is available until 3 p.m. for those who want to drop in for a visit.

Kat Mills, a family friend who is organizing the event, said further donations can be brought to the event.

Monies will help defray the cost of Sukeforth's transportation from New Jersey, as well as accommodations.

A display of Jeeps will be on hand for viewing, another of Sukeforth's favorite things.

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Posted by: Sandra Wright | Feb 26, 2013 21:55

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support and donations.. It is truely a great feeling to be able to help a friend make they're dream come true. I want to thank everyone at Wasses Hotdog for all they are doing to help make the begining of this event a reality. Thank you to Shawn for donating a place for us all to gather and have a social time with Corey and his family. I could not make this happen without all of you. It is a wonderful blessing to know there are many caring hearts out there. This will indeed be a very merorable time for all and i look forward to seeing everyone who made this possible. :)

Posted by: Judith C Feyler | Feb 26, 2013 07:30

We are all waiting to see Corey again and meet his family!  My family will all be attending and I urge the rest of his maternal side of the family to do the same!  Let us all support him as a family the way we supported his mother with her battle with cancer!

Posted by: JENNY CAMPBELL | Feb 26, 2013 06:57

Its a wonderful thing that the people of the area are doing:) and To Kat for getting this all together and going......in trying times like these it warms the heart to  know that people still care... Karen Dodge~

Posted by: Tracy Whitaker Camber | Feb 26, 2013 03:28

I want to thank everyone involved in this event.  This has become very overwhelming,  but very much appreciated.

Thanks from my family and I.  COREY Sukeforth.


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