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By Charlotte Henderson | Jan 24, 2013

Lake association helps fund local olympiad

Science Olympiad is an annual nationwide program that encourages student interest in science and promotes high quality science education. Nationally, there are more than 6,000 teams working on projects such as heredity, food science, crime busters, mousetrap vehicles, and many more. Medomak Middle School is one of nearly 30 Maine schools that are sending a team to Orono this spring to compete in the state tournament. The MMS team project this year examines fresh water quality. Washington Lakes Watershed Association’s board of directors made a generous donation to the local team at their meeting last week. The lakes association has underwritten numerous enrichment programs at Prescott School over the years with one being planned for later in this school year, but supporting the olympiad project seemed a perfect fit. Association president, Sharon Turner said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to support a project so closely related to our own mission.” Although Science Olympiad is sponsored at the national level by a who’s who of big-time backers, at the level of the MMS school team, adequate funding is a continuing struggle." Maine Science Olympiad 2013 Division B (middle school) Tournament is March 16. If you want to find out more about helping our team of budding scientists, give me a call or email.

Something for future use

You know how sometimes you know something but you just forget you know it? Well, here’s one thing we probably all know but I forgot. The other day I was asked by a neighbor what could be done about a beaver dam. Well, the right (and only) answer is to call the game warden. Beaver dams (and the beavers, if you can get them to listen) are under the purview of the state wildlife department along with just about every other wild critter. So, the place to start is with the Warden Service. Their dispatch center in Gray is available by phone 24-hours a day at 1-800-228-0857.

Oh, good grief, the time’s coming

Is it tax time already? Here’s an opportunity to get federal and state tax returns prepared and filed early — which might help assure a fast refund. If you owe, you can get the paperwork over with and even pay later (but before April 15) with a voucher that is given at the time of filing. Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 6 and every Wednesday afternoon through April 10, Internal Revenue Service trained and certified volunteers from AARP are available to assist with the forms and even e-filing. The volunteers will be at Washington Fire Station Conference Room (side door) Wednesdays from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. each of these 10 Wednesdays of tax season. Please call 845-2377 for an appointment. Bring to your appointment last year’s return, regardless of where it was prepared, and all your information about your income and deductions for 2012.

This service is free, completely confidential, and has no income or age limits. What a deal!

Historical society seeks stories

Washington Historical Society hopes to include in its future newsletters stories about some of the town’s older homes that are still being lived in. Particulars about when the dwellings were built, details of the builder’s life, occupation, and family, and specifics about the houses’ ownership and usage are some pieces that make such articles interesting. It’s essential to make sure the information is factual and if an item is iffy, to say so. At their recent meeting, historical society members laid out plans for their initial newsletter and also outlined upcoming programs. They will be hosting Kate Braestrup, chaplain for the Maine Warden Service at their March 19 meeting. The historical society meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Bryant Room of Gibbs Library. Everyone is welcome.

Martin Luther King Jr. — short biography

Our 6-almost-7-year-old granddaughter was explaining why she didn’t have to go to school Monday. She said it was because of Martin Luther King Jr. So, I asked who that was. She said his name more loudly, emphasizing Martin Luther King Jr. I said, “I heard you, but who is that, anyway?” She said, a bit slowly, “Well, he was a guy who wanted to have peace without fighting.” That was it. She handed the phone off to her mom with a remark I didn’t hear. Her mom came on and said, “You know, Evvy is surprised you don’t know who Martin Luther King Jr. was.” And we are very happy that she does.

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