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By Charlotte Henderson | Jan 03, 2013

We hope you and yours have a healthy and prosperous New Year. We wish courage and strength to everyone who is dealing with difficulties and challenges. Over the holidays, our family enjoyed a lot of that togetherness we all hope will happen but doesn’t always. We decided that we were lucky to realize that, in fact, we are lucky. I have a small framed quotation, “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘thank you,’ that is enough.”

We did some traveling over the holidays, something different for us. It’s amazing how many people are on the roads on Christmas Day. Just about everything is closed (that’s a good thing) except some of the gas station/convenience stores. They turned out to be not only oases of warmth, decent quick food, fill-‘er-ups, and windshield washer fluid, but also lots of almost-always-cheerful people and apparently happy staff. I was amazed and it made the trip special.

As usual, the new year calls for promising myself to clean up one or more parts of my act. Most resolutions last a day or two, a week, two weeks tops. One or two last until summer when, if it’s not habit by then, it falls by the wayside. Some people think, “Why bother?” Mmm. Point taken, still it’s a rather pleasant exercise. Every year number one is de-clutter – de-clutter my desk, my house, my garage… good grief. Get organized is always a priority, too, — but how to get organized with all this clutter? Good grief. Another is to get more exercise. It just ain’t gonna happen, but there’s a principle involved here so it has to be on the list. I should do it, it’s right, it’s healthy, it’s doctor’s orders, it’s an example for my family, it’s good for me. Humph. I did find out, though, that laughter is good exercise — a good 20-second laugh equals three minutes of exercise. So laugh a lot goes on the list, for sure. Check back with me this coming summer — I’ll be the one who’s cluttered, disorganized, un-fit and laughing in the sunshine!

It will be a week from the time this is written until the time Washington news readers see it. It feels odd to cast words so far ahead of oneself. Still, the message is the same. Happy New Year to everyone, no exceptions.



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