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By Charlotte Henderson | Mar 09, 2018
Courtesy of: Angela Stevens Frpm left, Mackenzie Bickmore, Joey Horovitz and Greyson Clark were inducted into the National Honor Society at Medomak Valley High School Feb. 28. The three are members of the class of 2019 who reside in Washington. Joey and Grey attended Prescott Memorial School as well. Congratulations to Mackenzie, Joey and Greyson and all the NHS students at MVHS.

Pizza supper and dessert auction

This Saturday, there will be a public pizza supper and dessert auction at Prescott Memorial School starting at 4:30 p.m. The annual event sponsored by the Prescott Memorial School Parent Teacher Group to raise money for the Children’s Stage Adventures program.

The pizza supper includes all-you-can-eat pizza and salad at a cost of $25 for a family of parents and their kids or, individually, $7.50 for adults and $5 for students. Supper is from 4:30 to 6 p.m., with the dessert auction at the end. The desserts are made especially for the event and are sure to please.

Following supper, there will be a community contra dance from 6 to 7 p.m. with lots of lively twirling and whirling for young and old. Hosts Staci Bowman and Amiee Vigue Gess and the Prescott parents group promise a great meal and an hour of special dancing fun. See you this Saturday, March 10, at Prescott School gym.

Wellness retreat update

New features at the April 21 Wellness Day retreat sponsored by the Washington Recreation Committee include a yoga session with Linda Shepard and a talk by Reiki Master Leann Sebrey of Union. There will be chair massage with Helen Caddie-Larcenia and table massage with Martha Jackson. Reflexologists Chrissy Ravelli-Studer and Karen Boynton will offer their zone therapy and give a talk on aromatherapy. The day’s programs are for participants 18-years-old and older. We’ll keep readers up to date as more details get confirmed. Thanks to the Recreation Committee for organizing this event!

True story of a scam

A local woman received a phone call announcing that she had won the Publishers Clearing house $5,000-a-month prize, but was required to pay $585.15. Her check for the tax must be sent right away, the caller said, to Tom Marker, 904 Tweed Lane, Lander, WY 82520. The woman checked the caller ID – 876-451-0429, which showed Kingston, Jamaica, and contacted authorities.

They learned that mail to that address is then forwarded to Jamaica, where the U.S. has no jurisdiction. Meanwhile, the callers contacted the woman several times to see whether she had mailed her check. In the end, because of a lucky circumstance, her check did not get sent. However, this scam, which the FBI had thought was over, is, in fact, alive and well. We recently received a similar call, but when the caller instructed to send money to an individual, we didn’t stay on the line.

The bottom line here is, do not respond to calls from out of nowhere. Legitimate enterprises don’t do business that way and they certainly don’t give you a specific personal address. Out of curiosity, we googled the address, which is a property for sale in Lander, Wyo. Always be suspicious and mistrustful of out-of-the-blue phone calls and emails.

Memory of Stiers

We have a special memory of David Ogden Stiers. It involves my granddaughter, whose name includes an umlaut – a diacritical mark that affects its pronunciation. Years ago, my then 10-year-old granddaughter, Shonë, and I attended a Magic of Christmas concert in Portland that Stiers narrated. Shonë's grandfather and step-brother Steve were with us. Shonë wanted to get Stiers' autograph on her program.

The men were sure we'd never get to him, but I grabbed her hand and we rushed off toward backstage to find him. Seeing us coming, Stiers greeted us warmly as Shonë held out her program. He asked her name so he could personalize his autograph. She told him and carefully explained how it was spelled with an umlaut.

He said, "Oh, your name sounds like 'schön' in German, which means 'beautiful.' It has an umlaut, too. That's a very nice name." He took his time, made a little more small talk, and shook her hand -- the warm kind with his hand also on top of hers. We remember his pleasant voice, good looks and graciousness to a little girl and especially that he knew what an umlaut is. It’s sad that his voice is now forever stilled.

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