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By Charlotte Henderson | Jan 16, 2014

“Aw, shucks, it was nuthin’ ”

On the Sunday before Christmas, Sharon Brown was sitting on a mound of snow outside her house in the drenching rain. Moments before she was deciding to go outside to untangle the dog’s run. Suddenly, she was on the ground. Her feet went out from under her on the first steps outside the door. Astonishment gave way to the realization that something was seriously wrong — one of her legs was at a strange angle. Sharon says that at this point she wasn’t afraid or in pain but the wet ice was so slippery she could barely move much less work her way back to the door. She managed to wriggle herself into a tolerable position and scoop some snow to pack over her leg which was beginning to hurt — a lot. Sharon knew she had to attract some help so began to yell. She cried out every few minutes. After quite some time, a neighbor stepped out of his house to check the weather. Miraculously, Frank Campbell heard Sharon’s cries “Help, call 911, help, call 911!” and hurried toward Sharon’s voice. Karla, Sharon’s dog, already confused and agitated became frantic as Frank approached and completely obstructed his way. He had to get back to his own house to call for the ambulance and go to Sharon’s again. He worked to get the dog restrained by the time the ambulance arrived. Frank made sure Sharon was safely off to the hospital and then set about getting Karla safely ensconced at a kennel. Sharon, who sustained a spiral fracture of her femur, is recovering. The temperatures that day dropped steadily. Sharon believes she literally owes her life to Frank Campbell. She also thinks that Frank will say, as word of his life-saving good deed spreads, “Aw, shucks, it was nuthin.”

Historical society to meet at resource room

Washington Historical Society will meet Tuesday, Jan. 21, at the newly organized resource room in the Masonic Hall on Liberty Road. Most of the group’s records have been relocated from the Bryant Room of Gibbs Library to the office space which is outfitted with work tables and more easily accessed storage units. WHS wants to create a schedule that allows visitors and researchers to use the resources available there. At Tuesday’s meeting the group will plan a schedule of programs and events for the coming year. Everyone is welcome to attend WHS meetings. If you have a program idea and can’t make it to the meeting, please contact the group at washingtonhistorical@gmail.com or call Charlotte at 542-0915.

Mother Nature bats last

An often heard quotation is “Mother Nature bats last.” Its origin is not clear, but its meaning is something like — when all is said and done, nature trumps everything. It certainly seems so this winter as so many of us have had plans changed and a variety of “situations” come about because of weather extremes. We were surrounded by thick ice coated trees for two full weeks and lost a couple of trees and lots of branches. We worried how much longer could the rest hold up. Then Mother brought rain — buckets of it — and washed the ice away along with a couple of feet of snow. So, if there’s a lesson to be learned (big IF), it might be to craft a means for simply hanging on until the weather changes. And, keep an umbrella and a snow shovel handy!

Farmers market misses a beat

Due to unforeseen circumstances including bad weather, last Saturday’s farmers market was canceled. Sharon Turner, the market manager, says that the market will be held again next month as planned Saturday, Feb. 8. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get the word out to everyone if changes need to happen. The vendors apologize to those who were inconvenienced by the cancellation.

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